Restoring a Generation

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Restoring a Generation


A nation’s destiny lies within lives of its children, so children’s outreach is an important part of our Rural Education and Empowerment Program (REEP). By reaching the children, we are able to equip the next generation of leaders. These children are the ones who will transform their nation!

Children’s outreaches, or Kids Clubs, are often set up like Vacation Bible Schools in the West, with anywhere from 50 to 500 children participating. The children enjoy Bible lessons, stories, memory verses, games, sports, and challenges in character development and soul winning. These are exciting times for the children, and many of them give their lives to the Lord and also bring their parents to salvation.


Youth Vocational Training is a new outreach we have added to the village outreach and empowerment programs (REEP). These outreaches will operate much like the women’s empowerment programs, but will equip youth to have their own income-generating projects or to learn a simple trade or skill. With this increased financial ability, they will be able to help others, to grow in entrepreneurship, and to put themselves through school, where they will gain the skills necessary to receive further training and establish themselves for the future. All this training is mixed with Bible study, discipleship, and scripture memory, which in turn bring greater success as they apply principles of integrity to their vocational pursuits.


Sports Evangelism usually occurs in the community on the weekends, and the sport of choice is usually football (known in the U.S. as soccer). Our team members participate with the village youth and young adults in a lively competition, and after the game the Gospel is shared with all and an invitation for salvation and ministry prayer is given – both to the participants and the fans. The sports event routinely draw large crowds and is an excellent tool to promote unity, fun, and spiritual impartation, all in one!


We are blessed day by day to see hope and vision ignite in the eyes of these young lives, as they realize they are children of a loving heavenly Father, and as they see – for the first time – the possibility and opportunity to pursue the dreams He has placed in their hearts!

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