Favor’s Soldier of the Month

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Favor’s Soldier of the Month

Fred Latim was already a pastor when he joined Favor of God Ministries, and became very involved in the ministry, especially in the field of driving. He had completed his driving course in 2000,   and began driving his senior pastor in Kampala. Later he returned to Gulu to pastor a church where he became connected to and  then employed by Favor of God Ministries in 2006.
Favor of God Drivers Eric, Pastor Fred, and David

When he joined the Favor of God team, Fred had a diploma in Theology. He used his experience to help in the Portable Bible Schools and the Bible College. Later, he pursued further studies and obtained a Bachelor degree. He says, “I want to thank Favor of God for allowing me go for my further education though working and to complete a bachelor of Art in Theology.”

Pastor Fred is currently responsible for:

• Transportation Department

• Supervision of Drivers

• Maintenance of Vehicles

• Proper Record-Keeping and Reporting


Transportation Testimony
“It was in 2010 as I was driving, taking the PBS team in a Land Cruiser to Torit (South Sudan). On our way, there was a heavy downpour, and the road was extremely bad. No other vehicles could manage the road except our Land Cruiser with a four-wheel drive.

Pastor Fred in the Driver's Seat!

We struggled on the way, sometimes we would find ourselves turned around, facing the direction where we were coming from because of the poor road condition.

We ended up where there was a totally flooded river. It was hard for us to know the road demarcation on bridge. We stop and prayed and decided to cross the river. As we were crossing, the water level rose up to the windscreen of our vehicle, but by the grace of God we managed miraculously to go through.

A similar vehicle that was following us was swept away instantly by the speedy, running water. That is an incident where we have seen the hand of God.”

– Pastor Fred Latim


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