New Leaders… New Nations

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New Leaders… New Nations

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The heartbeat of a nation rests in the dreams of its people. Eleven years ago when Carole arrived in Gulu, Uganda, she spent six months in a rented hut praying, “Lord, please give the people of Uganda a vision for their nation, and let me help them to fulfill it!”

God answered that prayer as first one then another after another, began to show up on her doorstep with His vision burning in their hearts. Each one came with the aim of seeing their country restored by the power of Jesus Christ. One had a vision to evangelize the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps. Another, a vision to bring portable Bible schools into remote jungle villages. Yet another, to bring the people Bibles in their mother tongue. Still others  followed each with their own unique vision from God.

What began in that rented hut is today a team of 70 indigenous missionaries who serve in over 48 different outreaches. They work day and night with passion and zeal to bring the hope and life of Christ to their people. They are a living expression of Christ’s words, “Freely you have received, so freely give.” (Matt 10:8)

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These brothers and sisters, who were once destitute, have been reborn in Christ with a new and lasting hope and eternal purpose and destiny. They cannot contain their joy and willingly sacrifice personal success and wealth because of their overwhelming love and gratitude for their Savior. They do not consider their own lives too large a cost to pay!

Their vision is not just for the salvation of their people, but for the Kingdom of God to reign in their villages, cities, and nation. (Rev 11:15) They have seen the rule of darkness, and now they are advancing with the Kingdom of Light!

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From that very first day in 2004 our heart has been to invest in the hearts of these emerging leaders. Who better to bring the Gospel message to their people? As these leaders train others who train yet even others, they begin to transform the face and heart of their nation.

Would you consider this month investing in the visions of these emerging indigenous leaders? Will you partner with them as they carry the transforming power of the Gospel to their nation?

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