On the Go with the Gospel!

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On the Go with the Gospel!

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We drove two days to reach the little town, through the mud, the jungle, and the ribbon-marked trees where “untapped” land mines still lay hidden beneath the surface of the ground. Charcoaled skeletons of government vehicles were scattered periodically through the jungles –  the remains of 55 years of war and destruction. We ere told cannibals lived in these forests, but that didn’t stop our journey. We pushed through the broken limbs overhanging tiny, muddy trails, as in our Land Cruiser, we forged a road where there had been none.

The military checkpoint and the lights of the little town ahead, showed us we had finally reached our destination safely, once again. The night was dark, but we rested peacefully.

02_Stopped at a Military Checkpoint_IMG_1754

A few days later, a government vehicle arrived to “escort” us a day’s journey up into the jungles where a dangerous warring tribe lived. This people wore only “G” strings around their waists and strings of bullets around their necks. They were killers, dangerous and feared, even by government troops. We drove on little dirt roads lined again with untapped land mines and with high cliffs – the homes of cliff dwellers who would often shoot their arrows down at any passerby.

03_Driving Through the Bush_IMG_0713

When we finally reached the village, war cries echoed from the chief down to warrior after warrior, as they began to emerge from bush. They came not with bow and arrows, but with AK47’s. They had confiscated the guns from the bodies of soldiers during the many years of South Sudan’s internal guerrilla conflict.

When the chief realized our team came peacefully and posed no threat, he asked for the tribesmen to be seated on the ground. Through the interpretation of one of the soldiers accompanying us, he listened intently to what our leader as he began sharing the message of John 3:16. These villagers, never having heard of Jesus, needed first to hear about their Creator. The one who gave His Son, and shed His blood for their redemption, loved them so much, that now there was no more need for bloodshed. He forgave, and received us, so we could receive Him and forgive each other.

06_Showing the Jesus Film_IMG_8678

What a simple story, but the audience was spellbound. Conviction and truth gripped their hearts. When given an invitation to receive this free gift of salvation from the only living God, every hand was raised, and they prayed together.

07_Hands Raise to Accept Jesus_IMG_8759

Then the chief stood, ‘Do you have more of these stories you can bring us? Will you come back, and stay longer?’

We had to go, but assured them we would be back with more of the stories about this Father of love and truth.

And so a portable Bible school team must go.

These portable Bible schools are one of our largest tools for discipleship. Each school carries audio Bibles for the non-literate – 94% of the population in South Sudan. We are working to find translators to make new translations for unreached language groups.

Children’s clubs meet daily throughout the school’s duration, and up to 500 hungry children are taught about Jesus and His Word. As they give their lives to Jesus, they bring their moms and dads to meet Him as well.

Bible study discipleship classes are also given daily from noon until evening. In the mornings, people are taught prayer, although some must work in their gardens before the heat comes, and the noon classes begin. Some of our team members also enter the community and teach health education, clean water practices, disease prevention, and farming skills.

Weekends are filled with showings of the Jesus movie, and many more give their lives to the Living Savior. Miracles of salvation, healing, deliverance, and answered prayers of all kinds, take place during the two months our team is on the ground. At the end of the portable Bible school there are Baptisms as the new believers are welcomed into the body of Christ. A pastor/ leader is identified or brought in, and a new church is planted.

This church becomes the hub of ongoing “village outreach programs” and “community development.”

Farming co-ops are started, widows are taught skills, youth are reached, ongoing prayer continues as the concept of “prayer altars” are taught within the church and family units. Often well drillers are connected to these new villages of believers, and later we send mobile medical clinics as another evangelistic outreach vehicle.

Once again, God moves in and “calls a people His own people, that did not know they were His bride!” (Romans 9:25)

Now whole villages can “…call upon Him whom they did not believe in… and they believe in Him, because they have now heard… and they have heard because we have now gone… and we have now gone… because you have sent us!” (Romans 10:14-15)

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