Ground Support for the Army of God!

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Ground Support for the Army of God!

Last month our focus was on giving “air support” to our field workers by sending the message of the Gospel ahead of them via the radio to prepare the way for the Lord!!! This month we are advancing Kingdom by bringing “ground support” to our field workers to help them as we actually GO with the good news of the Jesus Christ!

Uganda Roads_IMG_8492

Each year we run 6-10 portable Bible schools (PBS) per year bringing the Gospel message, discipleship, and training to the remotest jungles and mountains. Each PBS provides daily teaching and equipping for both adults and children, as well as community education in health and vocational skills. Each PBS concludes with the planting of a brand new church within the community and a plan for its members to multiply by giving freely to others what they have freely received!

Transportation is the often overlooked, yet critical element, in all of this work. We cannot go unless we are sent. We cannot be sent without a means of transport. Just as the Word of God comes to us on the printed pages of a Bible and in the living person of Jesus, we must come to the lost on the backs of motorcycles and in the seats of vans and land cruisers. Even the local pastors, who are hungry to share the Gospel with as many as possible and whom we have equipped for church planting, cannot make the progress they would like, as they travel from village to village on foot, pastoring multiple churches at once.

We currently need a fleet of six motorbikes, one van, and one pickup truck to equip our staff to run with this year’s PBSs. Would you partner with us to bring the Light of Life to the darkest, most remote parts of northern Uganda and South Sudan?

Thank you for joining with us to bring the Gospel into EVERY home, hut, and heart!

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