Introducing REEP

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Introducing REEP

Introducing R.E.E.P (Rural Education and Empowerment Program)

So, what’s a woman to do when her husband has been killed, she is illiterate and the sole support for herself and her children?  And what about the 16 year old young man, abducted at 10 years of age and forced to become a child soldier – totally interrupting his education and his life?  What does the future hold for the thousands of people who were displaced during the decades of war in northern Uganda – and are now seeking to rebuild their lives, their villages and their communities?


It is our pleasure, at Favor of God Ministries, to introduce our Rural Education and Empowerment Program (R.E.E.P).  This program has been designed to address the challenges listed above and more.  Although REEP is centered on our Portable Bible Schools (PBS), it includes our women’s empowerment program, adult and youth literacy training, outreach to children, training for our pastors and our new model for business as missions.

One of Favor’s primary goals is to see the renewal of the whole person, the family and the community.  We believe that as we begin to unpack REEP in the coming weeks and months, you will see how it is a vital asset in assuring that we are able to bring “sustainable transformation to northern Uganda & South Sudan.”  We still believe that transformed heart, transform people – and transformed people transform nations.

Be watching for more information about REEP in the near future! 

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