Favor’s Soldier of the Month

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Favor’s Soldier of the Month

Francisco Meet Francisco Onencan. Francisco is our Director of Operations in the ground on Gulu and also the director of Favor FM 93.3. Among his many responsibilities, Francisco broadcasts daily on the air preaching and teaching the Good News of the Gospel! His life is a remarkable testimony to the power and glory of God!


Here is his story…

In the 1970’s during Idi Amin’s regime of death and destruction in Uganda, Francisco’s father and mother served in the Ugandan military. His father, a pilot, was assassinated before Francisco’s birth. When his mother gave birth to him, the first baby boy in their clan within that generation, the tribal leaders on both his mother and father’s side met to decide the fate of this “male child.”

The two clans fought for the ownership of life, and as the contention escalated without resolution, it was decided the two month old baby boy must be sacrificed to avoid another tribal war. A fresh goat skin was laid on the ground, and the mother’s clan gathered on one side of the skin with the father’s on the other side. The child was laid on the goat skin, and one of the chiefs drew his knife to slay the child and divide the body, giving half  to each clan to bury, thus settling the dispute of ownership.

As the knife was raised, the desperate mother threw herself on the ground beside the baby screaming, “If he dies, I die with him.” This was not the intent of the clan chiefs. With no other solution in mind, one of the leaders took up the baby, handed him to his mother, and told her to flee.

She left her clan, baby in arm, and set out to raise her child alone. But, she had to go south to find work to make a living for her little family. The baby was left to be raised by relatives, but they eventually abandoned him.

At the age of 6, Francisco ran away from the village family, who gave him only the leftovers of their own children’s food to eat. He wandered aimlessly, digging for food in the garbage dumps and surviving under the bush.

At the age of  12, he heard about the love of a Savior and gave his heart to Jesus. He started attending a church and learning all he could learn about the power and truth of God’s Word. His heart was being transformed!

During this time, he worked hard to make a little income for his own school fees. Tuition fees were paid by all Ugandan children, or they weren’t allowed to study. Like most African youth, Francisco’s highest goal was to get an education.
Men of God live on Favor Radio_r2When he was 16 years of age, Jesus spoke to him and said He had saved his life to preach His Word. Francisco began to teach and preach the Gospel openly every day. He preached at school, in the market place, at crusades and outreaches, and even over the radio when invited.

As he returned home one evening, thieves attacked him in the darkness. They held a gun to his head and cried out, “Just say the name of your Jesus three times. See if He can save you, and after the third time, we are shooting.” They had been watching him come to and from his little job and were after any small amount of money he might have in his pocket. Francisco yelled loudly, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” The thieves pulled the trigger of the gun resting on his head. It clicked, but wouldn’t fire. They aimed the gun into the sky and pulled the trigger, and it fired instantly. They pointed the gun back at his head and pulled the trigger again. It wouldn’t fire. Again, they aimed the gun at the sky, pulled the trigger, and it fired instantly. Then, they threw Francisco to the ground and ran, fearing he had some kind of demonic power.

That day, Francisco’s faith “shot” to a whole new level. He began preaching Jesus even more boldly in every direction and arena that he had opportunity.

PassingOutBiblesInTheBarracks_IMG_0424_rIn early 2000 in the midst of the war, he was serving his own people in northern Uganda by leading crusades, teaching Bible study groups and university students the power of God’s word, renting time on the government radio to preach the Gospel, and working at a Coca Cola company extension from Kampala, all while dodging the bullets of the LRA’s daily ambushes and massacres. He was in God’s own boot camp, turning lives “upside down” with the truth in the midst of horrific darkness.

In 2004, Francisco heard that Favor of God Ministries in Gulu would be hosting a national prayer gathering in the town stadium. He came with the students he was discipling to join the cries of II Chronicles 7:14 for healing in the land. He met our team, and God connected his heart and vision with that of Favor’s.
Pastor Francis OnencanSince that time, he has been working alongside the vision of the ministry through its various outreaches. In 2006, he came on to Favor’s leadership team as a full time “officer” in the Lord’s army.

Francisco’s father, a lover of the Truth, served as an officer in the government’s military, fighting and losing his life to defend his country in the battle that raged for truth. In his footsteps, Francisco also is a leader in the spiritual battle that raging for the truth!

As his father fought in the air, Francisco also “fights” from the air!
Francisco is a soldier of heaven along with the rest of our team, as the “battle for truth” rages daily in the heavenlies through the airwaves over northern Uganda through our radio station in Gulu.

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