Equipped to Multiply

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Equipped to Multiply


Portable Bible Study in Laliya, September 2008.

Portable Bible Study in Laliya, September 2008.

The harvest is plentiful and we see dozens come to the Lord through our portable Bible schools daily. Yet if we create converts only, we have not fulfilled the Great Commission! We must equip them as disciples who can GO with the good news – giving freely as they have received the grace and love of Christ! So after our crusades we send portable Bible schools to equip the brand new believers in the word, in wisdom, in power and in prayer.

II Timothy 2:2 is the foundation for these church multiplication initiatives within our Rural Education and Empowerment Program (REEP). The commission of every Bible School student and young leader we mentor at Favor of God is “Now, go, and reproduce,” teaching and equipping others with what they have learned. Teachers, church planters, and mature leaders walk alongside these students, and help them to establish new, thriving churches, based on prayer and evangelism.

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These new churches become “disciple factories” and – as the new congregation grows and is taught and grounded in the Word – a developing leader is identified within the members. This developing leader is mentored with special attention and energy by the church planter to teach and lead others in prayer and Bible Study and joins the pastor in field evangelism. In time, the candidate is sent to our portable Bible School to be further equipped in the Word, in literacy, and in vocational skills for the purpose of church planting.

Upon graduation, the candidates are “sent out” to plant a church with the help and oversight of mature pastors and church leaders. As their new church begins to grow and increase through prayer, evangelism, and teaching, the cycle repeats again and again, more rapidly, for there is great hunger, zeal, and where the Gospel is made available!

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