And a Little Child Shall Lead Them…

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And a Little Child Shall Lead Them…

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The 20-year war for the Lord’s Resistance Army targeted the children especially. Our enemy knows that to wipe out a civilization, he need only destroy its youth. These children faced horror upon horror. Forced to kill or be killed. Watching friends and parents murdered before their eyes. Childhood dreams stolen away in the midst of war and terror. Could these children, after such devastation, ever dream again, ever live again?

The answer is in the Lord’s words to Ezekiel, “Man, can these bones live?” YES!!!!

What could these children do if healed and made whole, allowed to dream again, inspired to rise, motivated to pursue destiny, believed in until they achieved, and equipped to go higher than their own leaders? The sky is the limit, but it is made for dreamers…

Our little Sharon said to me when she came, “But look at my life… no parents… no family… what could I ever do… what value would anyone see in me… I was born in poverty… my family was never educated… I have no future…I just exist…”

A heart to heart moment

A heart to heart moment

As the truth began to enter her little heart – the truth about who she was, why she was born, and the Father and Creator who loved her so much and believed in her every minute of her life – Sharon’s “grave clothes” began to unwrap.

She raised her little face to look into the face of Jesus, through the love, the prayer, the faith, and the family that surrounded and embraced her little life.

And that was only the beginning. The rest of her life is still ahead…

We must help free these children, binding up their little hearts born into brokenness, rejection, sin, disappointment, and despair…(Isa. 61:1) and then loosing them again to love and be loved, to receive and to give, to dream and believe…

Sharon and House of Hope children singing praise songs in the House of Prayer

Sharon and House of Hope children singing praise songs in the House of Prayer

Are our children in the west more valuable than these, “treasures of darkness” just because of where they were born, the opportunities they have been given, the family around them and a generation of inspiration that may daily motivate them to achieve greatness?


These precious African children are just as valuable, just as priceless, and each has only one life given them to dream, hope, and inspire a nation to reach its destination, just because they did…

Sharon asked me the other day:

“Can I really be a Doctor some day? Do YOU think I can, Mum?”

I replied, “Yes, Sharon, you can live the very dreams and desires that God puts in your heart. You can, Sharon, You can!!” (Phil.4:13)

Sharon and her House of Hope sisters

Sharon and her House of Hope sisters

“Who will go with me, Mum? I may get tired along the way, lose hope, or have no money to finish my schooling… Who will help me…?”

“God is there, Sharon, and He always will be, even when I’m not. He’s the Father that will never leave you, the provider that will not forsake you, the comforter that will always hold you, and the strength that will always inspire you… He is always there…”

“I know He is, Mum. I really believe… But oh, how I would love to see Him, especially when I need the help so much…”

“You will see Him, Sharon… and you will see Him in us… We will run with you, inspire you, help you when you fall, and encourage you when you’re down… We’ll be there for you and will see you through… until you reach your dreams.”

We are the body of Christ. Are we – His feet – going? His arms loving and His heart giving? We are the ones to run the race with each of these little ones, as their faith soars, their lives are changed, and they can now believe God to change their land, their people, their nation… but It all begins with a heart.

Sharon receiving her awards for outstanding academic achievment

Sharon receiving her awards for outstanding academic achievement

We danced around Sharon, a few years later, as she was called into the government office here in Gulu to receive honors amongst her peers for excellence in academics and leadership! She is one of many we have loved, nurtured, and trained to walk into destinies of healing and leadership…

Not only will these youth lead, as they have already begun doing in villages, communities, families and schools… but they will lead with greater compassion, remembering where they, too, came from…

Setting a generation free to be the dreamers God created them to be, and walking with them through mountains and valleys, victories and defeats, until they become the leaders they were called to be… One life can change a nation… One day can change a destination…

Help us change many…

Allowed to dream again…

Allowed to dream again…

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  1. Carole, it is conversations like that that move us to keep on, to cry and see the hand of God. Yes with God’s help showing the kids that hope is still alive and well and is for them–God is faithful.

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