Taking Over the Airwaves for Truth!

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Taking Over the Airwaves for Truth!

This month we are advancing Kingdom by taking over the airwaves for Truth!

The people of northern Uganda & South Sudan are starving for the Truth of the Gospel! This famine of the Word has has been so severe that villagers have asked  our team on the ground to bring Bibles instead of food! We could not get Bibles and teaching to the people fast enough. Have you ever been that hungry for God and His word?  After 20 years of war in Uganda and ongoing war in South Sudan, ruined roads made it extremely difficult for our team to reach those in the remote and rural areas where the roads were almost nonexistent.

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Then our team began to have a vision to see a 24/7 Christian radio station on the air. In 2014 that dream became a reality, and now through Favor FM 93.3 the Word is reaching into the thickets jungles, most tangled bush, and most remote mountain tops covering Uganda border to border with the life-giving message of the Gospel and reaching even up into South Sudan! Almost one million are reached daily! That number will increase as our equipment is improved!

These atmospheres that were once ruled by fear and chaos are now being penetrated by the Light of the Living Word! We are taking back the airwaves for the Kingdom of God and for Truth. Daily the station receives call after call from listeners sharing testimonies of salvation, and asking questions of discipleship and heart transformation!

Now we are getting ready to expand that vision by improving our own facility in Uganda so that it may become self-sustaining and even income-generating and by constructing a second station in South Sudan to fully cover that nation and reach northward into Sudan through booster towers! Would you be willing to join us in advancing the Kingdom of God against the powers of darkness and the “prince of the air?” Would you be willing to commit to a monthly gift for the year of 2015 so that we can reach our goal of the $2,000 a month that it takes to keep the complete station on the air and running, 24/7, monthly?

Thank you for partnering along with us to bring the Gospel into EVERY home, hut, and heart!

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