Transformational Prayer!

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Transformational Prayer!

Have you ever thought about this question, “What would have happened differently, if I had really prayed?”

What about Jesus’ question to the three disciples, “Could you not even pray with me for one hour?” He asked that question twice, and even then, found them sleeping, for the third time. (par. Mark 14:37-42)  Was He disappointed? Jesus knew His power and victory, came from His Father, and that connection was kept vibrant, alive, and passionate, through His time alone with the Father. How He wanted His disciples to share that same communion, suffering, strength, victory, and power.

Andrew Murray quoted years ago, “We are no greater than our prayer life.” It’s true that we are only what we are in secret.

Would we pray if we believed that children’s lives could be saved?
Would we pray if we believed we could have Bibles instead of bullets back in our schools again?
Would it be worth it to us, to tarry with Him for one hour?
Would we pray, if we knew the real power of prayer that could shape history, and turn the tide of events?
Would we be willing to take the time, to agree with the heart of God for His purposes to be accomplished in the earth?

The Condition

It seems that II Chronicles 7:14, so commonly quoted, begins with “IF.” God has put a condition on the healing of our land, and situations in our lives. It is in the “IF.” His love is unconditional, and His mercy is new every morning. His faithfulness beyond measurement, and His forgiveness is boundless. His promises never fail, and His Word and character never change.

But He still put a condition in this verse on what is possible, if we would pray….
Deuteronomy 28:1 also begins with “IF”… we will listen and obey…
I John 1:9, “IF” we confess our sins, He is faithful…

He has given us a free choice and a will… to pray, or not to pray…
To ask… or not to ask…To seek Him with our whole hearts, or not to seek Him…
Choose today, whom you will serve. And what you choose, do it with your whole heart.

Daniel’s prayer life… was that the main reason he had an “excellent spirit” about him? His prayer life was threatened by those who hated prayer made to the Living God. Yet openly and fearlessly with bold love and obedience towards his Heavenly Father, he continued to kneel three times a day to talk to the Creator of the Universe. (Daniel 6:3-10) Would we be even more open and bold in our prayer life, when threatened?

The Most Powerful Weapon

Because believers prayed, God pushed back the darkness of one of the most horrific wars in Africa in 2004. The war ended in Northern Uganda, soon thereafter, and the land has been recovering spiritually.

As I sat in Gulu before the last presidential elections, a military-clad officer approached me and asked, “Are you with that Favor of God group? Are you Carole?” I answered, “Yes.” He proceeded to tell me of the political figures who were meeting in Northern Uganda, of whom he was one. In their government meetings, they had acknowledged together that the twenty-year war finally ended due to the prayers of God’s people. Praise God, the community recognizes when the church prays. History can still be shaped!

In 2007, when the ebola plague was moving through Uganda again, I received an email alert warning me as a US citizen against traveling or contact with any person. I was advised to leave the country. A doctor in Kampala had already died, and now reports were showing the virus had moved north. Five people were already quarantined in a Gulu hospital waiting on blood test results. Reports from world-renowned health organizations were giving astonishing projections that the virus could rapidly infiltrate one of our crowded northern “camps,” with populations of up to 50,000 people. In that event, ebola could easily wipe out the entire camp.

We called the whole Favor of God team, seventy people at that time, to come in from the field and lay our work and ministry down for a full week. We got our knees before the Father, doing nothing else but crying out to Him night and day for the next five days. He calls this kind of persistent prayer “faith” in Luke 18:7-8.

During those days of persistent prayer, we ourselves were blessed, changed, challenged, broken, edified, and encouraged as the strength of the Lord poured into us and through us to pray. Work? Yes, but we loved the time with our Father and were drawn closer to things He loves and broken over what He was broken over. We ended with an all night prayer meeting that Friday night, from 6 pm to 6 am, which is not uncommon for believers in Africa.

At the end of the week, the newspaper reports stated on the front page that the ebola virus was diminishing!  A few days later, the reports came out that the 5 people who had been hospitalized in Gulu were released  with ‘negative’ blood tests, and there was not another death in the country from the virus after that.

The Possibilities

What are the possibilities of prayer?

“Giving ourselves” to prayer and even fasting, as believers in the early church did in Acts 2:42, 6:4, 12:5,13:2, and many other verses? Prayer was their lifestyle, and some of those believers were called “those men who turned the world upside down.” Could we, too, “turn our worlds upside down,” or even right-side up, with prayer like that?

During the fighting in South Sudan recently, this report came from our team there in Juba.

Dear sister,

We thank God for you and for standing with us. Many people have been killed and missing since the fighting started. We had received a phone call from the wife of my brother saying that ever since he went to work he never returned home. We began to pray and at midnight he showed up at home.

He had been caught at the border by the rebels, and his vehicle was grabbed by them. They decided to kill him, but because of the prayers we were praying, they disagreed among themselves. Some said “Let us kill him,” and others said “No.” They argued until late, and couldn’t reach a decision, so they just left him in the bushes. He escaped and made it home. Please continue to pray with us for the stability of our country.

Isn’t it intriguing that in Acts 12 James, the disciple, was beheaded. Peter was imprisoned at the same time to possibly face the same death. Yet, verse 5 states that the church began praying fervently, and Peter was released.  Thank God, they didn’t stop praying!

Wouldn’t you or I be ever so grateful for a praying church, if we were in the same situation?

The Love Language of the Father

As the House of Prayer in Gulu remains full six days a week with standing room only, people are being saved daily, turning to the Lord, and forsaking their ways of witchcraft and ungodly traditions. Professionals and street people alike come to pray. They fill the prayer house, from the bank, the court house, the government offices, and the market places. Uniting together, they lift their voices to the Heavenly Father for transformation for their city and for God to move in their nation.

During one of these days of prayer, a very high leader in the occult gave his life to the Lord. He denounced witchcraft, repented, and had a glorious conversion. (Acts 19:18-20) He now has a transformed life, and is daily in the House of Prayer being discipled and bringing others to the Lord Jesus Christ. He has found life! No wonder he loves to pray. No wonder others are hungry to pray! This is only one of the daily testimonies that pour into the office from our staff leading the daily prayer gatherings.

How exciting as we see answers from our Father, who “hears, forgives, and heals.” (II Chron.7:14) How strengthening to pray alongside our Savior, who “ever lives to make intercession for us.” (Heb. 7:25) and (Rom. 8:34). As Jesus prays for us, the Holy Spirit, too, prays for each of us, according to the Father’s will. (Rom. 8:27) How humbling, to hear His call for us to pray along with them.

The Business of Heaven

“IF” we, His children, would obey, pray, seek His face, and turn from the ways “self” and error, then He will heal our land… that means our children, our homes, our schools, our nation.

If we prayed more, we would worry less. Anxiety, would be pushed out and replaced with peace. He makes that available to us in Philippians 4:6,7. Don’t be anxious, but in “everything” BY prayer… and with thanksgiving…

Isn’t this the business of heaven anyway?

Didn’t He teach us to pray, “Our Father, who art in heaven…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?”

If Jesus lives to pray for us continually, and the Holy Spirit abiding on the inside of us, is praying continually, then where are you and I, Church? In the “Garden of Life,” as they were in Gethsemane’s Garden? Sleeping or praying?

Lay hold of our hearts, Oh Lord. Grip us with your love and draw us into your calling.
“Teach us to pray.”

Pray with us, as we pray with you,
Carole and The Favor Family

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