Evelyn’s Story

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Evelyn’s Story

God is saving lives, spiritually and physically! This is a miracle!!

Precious Edwin and Evelyn serve faithfully with Favor of God. We wanted to share with you the story of this woman’s fight for life, and the Lord’s miraculous deliverance.

Right after delivering her first baby, Evelyn had uterine pain that lasted for 2 weeks. I was in South Sudan during these events and unaware of what she was going through. Edwin took her into one of the Gulu hospitals, where surgery was done to remove several infected uterine polyps.

After two weeks in the hospital, she was taken home to continue recovering her strength and caring for their new baby girl. But a week later, she developed a wound infection from the abdominal incision which led to an infected abscess. She began draining large amounts of blood and infected fluid. Edwin took her back into the hospital after another week, but this time she was weak, frail, and now septic. Edwin was praying, standing, struggling as he cared for their new baby and went back and forth to the hospital burdened for his precious bride.

As I returned home to Gulu from our missions outreach in Juba, I found Evelyn lying in the hospital literally dying. She was barely able to stand. Her body was losing blood and fluids, and she had no appetite. Three days she had lain on the hospital bed before my arrival. In that time, she had no visit from a doctor, no lab work, and no X-rays.

On the Road in Gulu

On the Road in Gulu

I immediately checked her out of the hospital, made a bed for her in the back seat of the land cruiser, and laid her down flat in it. Her pain was so great, she could barely make it from the hospital bed to the back seat of the car. Her mother and mother-in-law sat in the very back, and hubby held Baby Lamaro Elonah Evident in the front seat. I sent one of our team members with them to drive quickly – five hours through the night – to the best hospital I knew of in Kampala.

I called ahead and spoke with one of the international doctors whom I knew there. I warned him of her arrival, saying “Give her the best care possible. Just work to save her life. God will heal you, but you treat her with the best medical care possible.”

The rest of us returned to intense prayer, and God did what He does best!! The miraculous. Although doctors infused Evelyn with several units of blood, they still couldn’t get her hemoglobin above 4! She was bleeding and draining internally. Although she was septic and required immediate care, they had to first strengthen her body, or she wouldn’t make it through surgery.

Favor Staff in Prayer

Favor Staff in Prayer

We continued to pray, and the whole team stayed before the throne of God for Evelyn’s life.  After several more units of blood, and a few days later, the doctors were able to operate. The surgeon removed another massive, infected abscess from her uterus and, miraculously, was able to save her womb! She had been terrified to face another surgery and didn’t think she would make it through. But this time, with the faith of her praying husband and the encouragement and faith from her praying Favor family, she had reluctantly agreed to go through this final surgery. And in this midnight hour, Jesus came into that operating room and saved her life!

Three weeks later, after more pints of blood, rounds and rounds of antibiotics, and slowly increased nourishment by sipping light soup, she was still thin and frail, but gaining!

I monitored her daily from Juba by phone as I prepared for the pastor’s training and leadership conference and the mobile medical outreaches to take place there.

Kampala Skyline

Kampala Skyline

The day after I returned, I drove to Kampala to pick her up. At the hospital I met a weak but happy little lady. I’ll never forget how she threw herself into my arms as I walked into her room that day and wept and wept. We cried together with joy. The enemy of death had been defeated, and she could raise her little girl, serve alongside her husband, and fulfill the call that God has on her life. She was so eager to be home, but the hospitals in Kampala will not release a patient until they have paid the bill in full. Coming directly from Juba, I had arrived in Kampala with no money in hand and none in our accounts. I prayed for another miracle.

We were charged for every additional day Evelyn lay in the hospital bed. But she could not be released without payment. Evelyn’s heart was heavy. It had been three months since her little baby was born followed by three hospitalizations and three surgeries. She was so ready to be in her own home, eating her home cooked food, and regaining her strength.

After our joyful greeting, I had told the receptionist I could clear the bill in a week and asked if she could go home. They refused. I knew the owner of the hospital, so I called him to ask if I could take her place in the hospital room until the bill was paid, so Evelyn could be home with her husband and baby. The Doctor agreed.

Edwin and Evelyn were ecstatic. But it was too late to make the long journey back home to Gulu that night. We would call a driver to drive them home the next day in our land cruiser, while I stayed in Evelyn’s hospital room as guarantee of full payment.

That evening, we went out to a little place in the market, where they sold real Acholi food, and they ate well. I found a place for them to settle in for the night, and the precious little family of three thought they were in heaven! Evelyn was still very thin and frail, moving so slowly, but with laughter and a smile that I am sure thrilled even the heart of Jesus.


Edwin, Evelyn & Baby right after Evelyn’s Discharge from the Hospital

I thought to myself as I lay there, “I need to get up and pray all night for the finances now for this breakthrough. I’ve seen God come through again and again, in the midnight hour, so let me stay on my knees tonight as well.” But there in the room that night, the Lord whispered, “Rest. I give my beloved sleep.” (Psa. 127:2) And I also heard Him say, “And I give to my beloved even in their sleep.” Wow! That is truly the rest of God!

And I did sleep. Upon waking in the morning, after communion with the Lord, I decided to quickly check my e-mail (since the hospital had electricity!). There I found a letter stating a check was on its way (by someone uninformed of our current circumstances). Proverbs 25:25 “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

With this guarantee, the hospital allowed me to be “discharged” and to clear the bill by the end of the week. I was able to drive Edwin, Evelyn, precious Baby Lamaro, and their mothers home to Gulu the next day. We went singing, praising and rejoicing all the way home.

We serve a wonderful Father. In the midst of tragedy, suffering, wars and rumors of war, He is still at work in one life after another, redeeming, saving, healing, delivering, and bringing brand new testimonies of his faithfulness and everlasting love!!


Current Picture of the Happy Family – Praise Be to God!

Love from Carole,
Edwin, Evelyn, and Lamaro Elonah Evident,
And the Whole Favor Family

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