Update: Aweil Crusade

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Update: Aweil Crusade

Aweil Crusade


Our upcoming crusade is in the city of Aweil, in Northern BAHR-EL-GAZAL STATE. It is very close to Darfur, and one of the most spiritually dark and destitute places in South Sudan.


Aweil was hit hardest by the northern Arabs during the 55 years of ongoing warfare throughout Sudan, and has been primarily populated, since the war’s end, by re-settling Sudanese returning from Khartoum. Refugees have flooded this area, as they have ‘run’ southward from the oppression and bleak domination of the Islamic regimes in northern Sudan.


The primary religion is Islam, and again, we expect to see the same kind of crowds, hunger, and immense harvest that we saw in Wau, with over 1.2M people coming to the meetings and almost all accepting the Lord!! The people of Aweil are already responding with anticipation and great expectation, as they hear about the coming outreach. The Governor and City officials have welcomed us with open arms, as they have heard the reports of what God has done through our crusade events in other South Sudanese states.


We feel that God is not only breaking open doorways into South Sudan, but through it opening a gateway for the Gospel to run swiftly into all of northern Sudan as well, and from there, farther and farther northward into the 10/40 window!!


Our trip to Aweil will be a rugged 2-3 day’s journey from Juba, but we know God has already gone ahead of us and is preparing the way! Our pathway is bathed with much prayer, and we ask each one of you to be a part of this forerunning prayer army!! We are all forerunners for His Kingdom – preparing the way for the coming of the Lord!!


2020 Vision & Aweil


We would also like to focus on the 2020 vision to be activated immediately after this crusade. This vision is simply the full implementation of the Great Commission, as Jesus has commanded us to ‘make DISCIPLES of ALL nations – not just converts.’ This second step is where most people’s hearts are – in the activation of discipleship and church planting.


This crusade is the ‘tip of the spear’ to pierce the darkness, divide the kingdoms of the enemy, spoil his goods, bring in a massive harvest, and make an open declaration to the government and all of society, that Jesus IS alive. HE is the one in town, and HE is the ONLY true God, the LIVING GOD, and HE is here to transform them and Aweil. As this testimony resounds throughout our crusade, it is critical that it be followed by solid ‘rooting and grounding’ in the Word of God.



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