Great Victory at Favor of God Primary School!!!!

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Great Victory at Favor of God Primary School!!!!

March 5, 2013


Our Favor of God Primary School, with over 400 students, had the highest academic performance of all the schools in the whole Gulu District! This Christian school has been mostly a non-profit, charitable outreach to the community for physically and spiritually needy families.

Among the 1,000 Gulu District students who took the seventh grade National Examination, all of our House of Hope Children passed with the highest grade levels. Two of them, Daniel and Sharon, were among the very highest in the whole District.

Appreciation and Awards Ceremony for the Gulu District

Sharon received the highest grade level for girls in all of Gulu District. She was invited by the city officials to attend an Appreciation and Awards Ceremony, and there received public honors and several gifts. The testimony of her painful past and of her loss of both parents at a young age brought tears to many of the government and education leaders’ eyes. But her story ended with hope, joy, and praise to the Lord Jesus, for He had picked her up from and brought her to the place she now stood.

Sharon receiving her awards: a cash prize and a mattress to use in boarding school!

Sharon is now enrolled in high school, along with our ten other House of Hope Children, who have now reached ‘Secondary School’ level.

Sharon and the mattress she will be taking to her Secondary School! (A boarding school.)

We want to thank each of you who support and sponsor these precious children. You are investing in lives of eternal value: in children who are being taught the Word of God, strong work ethics, excellent study habits, and good morals. Thank you from the whole Favor Team and House of Hope family! These children are good soil!

We transform the world, by transforming a child!

If we can see this happen to hundreds of children a year, this will transform the African children who will then transform Africa!


• Primary School – to begin our own building this year!
We have our land, but could expand the enrollment if we had our own building.

• Eleven of our House of Hope Children are in High School now, and their school fees per term are high. This comes to about $100 a month per child for these 11 children. This includes food, education, transportation, and supplies monthly.

‘When you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.’ (Matt. 25:40)
Thank you for partnering with us, for eternal transformation!

We love you,
Carole and the House of Hope Family

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  1. Please tell Sharon CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy I got to meet her on my trip to House of Hope and it is wonderful to see that she is doing so well. Keep up the good work. The Lord be praised.

    Ms. Patricia Broome

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