Favor FM Radio Station to Begin!!!!

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Favor FM Radio Station to Begin!!!!

What a blessing you are to us!! Every time I thank the Lord for you and your partnership with us in the Gospel, I am reminded of Genesis 12:2,  “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.” This is also your promise and ours.

Thank you from every one of the Favor family for blessing us, that we might bless others. What teamwork the Lord has set up in the body of Christ! Gulu, Northern Uganda, and South Sudan cannot be transformed without your presence there too, in prayer, in seeds, and in love.

The Radio Station is Going Up!
Our precious team on the ground, along with an incredible Board in Gulu, has worked tirelessly in overseeing construction, purchasing equipment, hosting periodic inspections from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), and liasoning with the best programmers around!

Radio News Room Under Construction

Over the last 10 years, Favor of God has impacted millions of lives in Northern Uganda and South Sudan through Portable Bible Schools, the New Life Bible College, the House of Hope, the Community House of Prayer, Favor Primary School, Trauma Rehabilitation, Crusades, Mobile Medical Clinics, Pastor’s Training and Equipping Sessions, Bible and Resource Distribution, Prison and Military Ministries, and much more. Most of these ministries are continuing today in a powerful way.

For almost 10 years, we have been believing God for the airwaves to be taken for the Kingdom of God! After three years of owning a radio license from the Ugandan government, the Lord has provided for the Station to be set up to get us on the air!! What a praise report to the Father!! This will be the first full-time Christian Radio Station in Gulu. This station has the capacity to reach millions in Northern Uganda.

Now that the construction has taken place and the equipment is set up, we are waiting for our final inspection from the UCC in Kampala before Favor FM goes on the air. Training our staff for programming and recording will continue for several months to come.

Keith (Board Member), Francisco and Betty Checking the Generator

Our goals will be to air the Gospel through balanced and excellent teaching and preaching; to pray and minister to people through the station; to have edifying Christian music; to help promote peace, reconciliation, forgiveness and unity; to help empower the community with business development and training; to provide health education for disease prevention and wellness; to provide educational and children’s programming; and to provide training on marriage and the family.

I am amazed at how far-reaching radio is in both urban and rural areas. Though the availability of electrical power fluctuates and televisions may not be the norm, almost every household and hut has some kind of a radio, whether large or small, which serves as their basic means of community communication. What a tool for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to go out continually into every household, in every vehicle, in the gardens as people work, in shops, and over cell phones! And to even have prayer, preaching, worship, and training, in their own local languages!

What a tool! What a treasure!! Thank you for being a part of such a massive instrument of harvest!!

Sound-Proofed Studio

Story of Lotuturo

I remember one trip I made high up in the mountains that border northeastern Uganda and South Sudan. There, away from all other villages, were the remains of an old Idi Amin castle, Lotuturo. In that castle, the government had built a prison, and there were about 200 inmates or more residing there.  As the ministry team and I made our way in the land cruiser up the crooked, slippery, and treacherous little road to the top where the prison was situated, we were amazed at how remote and isolated this little prison community was from the rest of the world.

We arrived with medical supplies, Bibles, and hearts full of God’s Word. As my turn came to share the Word of God with the seated prisoners, they said to me, “Are you that white lady that teaches on the radio from Favor of God?” When I said I was, they grinned from ear to ear and said in their language,  “We listen to you every week and love the teaching of the Word. We learn so much, and our hearts are changed. When we get out of  the prison, we are ready to come and serve Jesus, in any way He wants us to.”

I had tears in my eyes and was so touched by their stories. Never would I have dreamed that the power of little double A batteries and solar radios would allow the Gospel to reach into such remote places, where people might never go in person, to take the love of Jesus!

I saw this story repeat itself time and time again as I traveled to village after village in the remote areas to bring Bibles or to teach in Portable Bible School settings, and I realized we MUST get the Word of God on the air continually, from our own station.  This station would keep us from constantly renting air time and also provide the opportunity to air Christian programs and all other information with integrity,  24/7. Now we  can implement a standard of excellence and truth in teaching, training, worship, prayer, and all the forms of education that are needed, as we “make disciples of all nations.”

Ministry Administrator On-Air

Thank you for being a part of this story! Thank you for being a part of the answer to prayer from so many hungry hearts!

We love you dearly, and our hearts overflow with gratitude for every single one of you!

Carole and the Favor Family

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  1. Sharing Favor of G-d with everyone I can, every chance G-d put before me…In His time,and His perfect Will! Halleluyah!Amen! Latisha Pekah King

  2. great jobs guys

  3. These are indeed thought-catching stories. They show how much God can do through dedicated lives. Am in touch with your station manager, seeking for an opportunity to serve along side your radio dedicated staff:more especially in the marketing department. God has blessed me with lots of skills to market at all levels. I desire to be part of these success stories. God bless you friends

  4. Dear friends,
    I wonder if you could send me the email address and name of your Programme Manager or Sports Presenter, please. I would like to email them about two sports programmes reaching the sports fan for Christ.
    Thank you for your help.
    Norman Brierley

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