Aweil Report: Monday, February 4

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Aweil Report: Monday, February 4

Re-packing the truck.

Today our weary but faithful, joy-filled team began tearing down the massive welded platform and all the equipment, packing it into the truck. As we worked, many tired and spiritually hungry travelers continued to trickle onto the open field. They had walked for days to get to Aweil and come to the crusade, some traveling a whole week from the northern border, only to show up on the day we were packing to leave.

One little lady who came for prayer was barren and sick. She gave her life to Jesus. Another sick boy and a blind man, being led by a stick, had walked four days to reach the meeting ground, arriving just as were packing.

It broke our hearts to see their hunger and watch the tears come to their eyes when they saw we were leaving. We told them gently, but firmly, that although we were leaving Aweil, God was not!! He was still there for them, present to heal, and would continue loving and drawing them long after we had gone.

Praying for those that had traveled so far. They had tears in their eyes, heartbroken that we were leaving, but God still healed them, too!!!

Our prayer teams ministered and prayed one-on-one with each of them. Some needed salvation, others hope and counsel, and still others healing and deliverance. God continued to move in so many lives throughout that morning.

Once the truck was packed, we prayed together with our team and started on the long, hard, hot journey back to Juba. After riding four hours on rough, dusty, pitted dirt roads, we reached Wau (where we had a crusade of over 1.2 million people last January), and we stopped to stay the night.

Our Uncle Amos and his family, who had migrated here during Amin’s regime and settled in as a Sudanese, welcomed our whole team. That night we slept on the ground, in the heat, on thin little mattresses all over the compound, under a beautiful starlit sky. Everyone was carrying the fullness of what God had done that week, and great joy and thanksgiving was in our hearts and on our lips.

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