Aweil Report: Home Again & 2020 Vision for South Sudan

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Aweil Report: Home Again & 2020 Vision for South Sudan

Friday, February 8 
Our truck finally pulled into Juba! What a relief to see them. You can only imagine the things that run through your mind: killings, bandit raids, memories of abandoned, toppled trucks along the road whose owners did not have enough money for a wrecker to right them and haul them home. When these trucks turn over, they are most often left right where they land to rust, to rot, and to serve as a warning to others who drive along those roads. We had prayed hard for our team on the truck and were ready this morning to turn back down the long, isolated road towards Rumbek and look for them!

It was a happy sound to hear our little phone ring – finally in reception range – with their call telling us they were safe and sound (after a long breakdown on the road) and rolling into Juba!

We made sure the needed repairs were done on the truck that morning and headed for the border in the afternoon. If we didn’t cross the border line before 6:00 pm, it would be closed down, and we would be sleeping in South Sudan another night: this time in the town of Nimule.

By 5:00 pm we reached the border and our wheels rolled onto the roads of Northern Uganda. What a feeling! We have never had such a rugged or dangerous journey before, filled with spiritual warfare of all kinds on all sides. Yet, we had the calm assurance that we were right in the center of God’s will, doing exactly what He had called us to do. He was in the middle of our camp and also went ahead of us in a “cloud by day, and fire by night!”

By 9:00 pm at night, we reached home, at last! Thank you for praying!! God is so faithful! And His harvest so precious!

We are called to make disciples of all nations!! Discipleship was strengthened in Aweil and the surrounding areas, as we taught pastors and potential church leaders. We plan to follow up with Bibles and “God’s Story” players.

God has laid South Sudan on our heart as the focus of the “2020 Vision” plan! (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

However, the greatest vision of our hearts is to quickly implement what we are calling the “2020 VISION” for South Sudan. We are believing God for the funds and resources to bring 50 potential pastors: men of God who are called to plant churches and are ready for abandoned service to the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to choose five men from each of the ten states of South Sudan, bring them to our Bible Training Center in Gulu, and powerfully equip them with three to four months of intensive Bible training, application, resources, and impartation. Then we want to send each of them with a two-year Bible School program back into their own town and village areas to plant churches using the Bible School curriculum to train, multiply, and send out more pastors from each of their areas. This is how the New Testament church grew and multiplied itself rapidly from  man to man, house church to house church, and city to city.

Within the next three to five years, God could saturate the new and desperately needy nation of South Sudan with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus: 20 million new converts being discipled and over 1,000 churches planted. These would be the missionaries, the doorkeepers, of the 10/40 window northward into the dark unreached areas of this vast massive continent. These are the army of God whom he has called out and sent, along with you and I, to storm the gates of hell.  Through unreached, unchartered, and dangerous communities and nations northward, they will bear the message of the cross, the preaching of the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ, the demonstration of His power, and the “violent” advancement of God’s Kingdom, as those loving not their lives “even unto death!”

This is the picture of the glorious, triumphant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Will you be a part of it right along with us and right along with them?

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