Aweil Crusade Report: Monday Night, January 28

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Aweil Crusade Report: Monday Night, January 28

Monday Evening:

Crowds began pouring into the field for the first night of the crusade, traveling under the intense heat of the blazing sun – almost 110˚ – from villages, farms, towns and desert places all around.

One sick lady was brought to the meeting in a wheelbarrow. She had been growing thinner and weaker every day. For the past eight months, she was unable to walk and had to be pushed around in this wheelbarrow.

During the meeting, as the message of Jesus and His love was being preached, she got up on her own, came up on the platform, and rejoiced with a great testimony!! That night she walked home for the first time in eight months! Her nurse from the clinic, who later confirmed her testimony, was overjoyed to see her patient get up out of the wheelchair and walk up to the platform!!

Praying for a lady the first night of the crusade. She was healed of blindness!

When someone falls sick in this area, they are often rejected and abandoned, becoming malnourished and weak with no one to care for them. People are too busy just struggling for their own survival, and often no one has the time, money, or emotional strength to care for the sick. Getting weaker and weaker, the sick person becomes emaciated and finally dies. This story repeats again and again in places of extreme poverty, suffering, and long years of war and bloodshed.

But, the grace of Jesus is the same today as it was on the day He shed His precious blood for every living person. They are ALL created in His image, every one of them precious in His sight! Our hearts broke again and again that week for the very lives that break our Father’s heart. He is touched with the feeling of their infirmities, and so are we. He loves to make Himself known: touching, changing, and transforming lives, as His goodness brings one after another to true repentance and change of heart.

This man’s eyes were opened after 3 years of blindness! There were too many blind eyes healed to count!

This lady (pictured) came to the meeting, having scooted the whole way on her buttocks. She was crippled and said she had no one to carry her there, but she was determined to come!

Crippled Lady Being Prayed For

As she was prayed for, Jesus touched her life! She stood up with help, started walking, and then began jumping and running!! She was overjoyed and testified of God’s love for her, realizing it for the first time in her life. The whole crowd shared her joy with shouts of praise to the God who never changes: the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the book of Acts! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

The same lady that crawled to the crusade now stands to testify of God’s healing love and power in her life, and wants to give her life to the Jesus that loves her so much!! She ran home from the crusade that night!

There was another lady who had been pregnant for 13 months and couldn’t deliver. She came to the meeting, was prayed over, and gave her life to Jesus. As she was prayed for, the pastor told her she was totally set free and that she would deliver the baby normally. Immediately after the prayer, she went into labor and was taken home to deliver. She delivered a healthy baby that very night!

Crowds gathering to hear the Word on Monday evening. On the first night, the crusade field was packed with an estimated 100,000 people!

Multitudes of people received Jesus that night, and numbers more than we could count were healed throughout the crowds. News spread quickly around town that Jesus was healing and delivering people. Testimonies were “noised abroad” in all directions from Aweil, as far as the northern border. As a result, people began walking the next day, heading south from the Sudan border, 100 kilometers away, to reach the meetings.

Preaching of the Word on Monday night.

Crowds giving their lives to Jesus after hearing the Gospel message about the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins!

Testimonies are the loudest sermons. No one can refute a testimony: a touch from God that changes you or me. No one can buy that, and no one can ever take that away from you. It’s personal, real and life-changing, overcoming every wile and attack of Satan (Rev. 12:11). You and I, and all the people of Aweil, can overcome the enemy today by the power of our testimonies!!!!

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