Aweil Crusade Report: Monday Morning, January 28

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Aweil Crusade Report: Monday Morning, January 28

Houses in Aweil


Saturday found us still covering a myriad of details: preparation, prayer, government clearance, safety issues, platform setup, and food for the team, plus walking the ground and spiritually mapping the whole area. We have GREAT anticipation of what God wants to do in these coming days!!



Dinka woman on our Jesus march

Sunday morning found us meeting with the believers in their small, simple bamboo churches, sharing the Gospel, seeing many saved and healed in each location, and envisioning what God will work in them in the coming week. They have never had speakers or Bible teachers – as are on our team – come this far “north” to share the Word with them. They are eager, hungry, even starved for the truth and ever so grateful!!

These local believers were also eager to join us, as we prepared the fields for harvest!!! Sunday evening, we met with them at the crusade field to pray over the grounds for the Gospel to be preached. We led intercession and had a Jesus March around the field grounds, praising, and worshipping as we walked. We claimed not only the open-air grounds for the Lord Jesus Christ and the preaching of His Gospel this week, but also the whole town of Aweil. Jesus promises, “When I am lifted up, I will draw ALL men unto Myself.” That is our vision for this coming week!!



Monday morning – there remain a myriad of details to be addressed: radio announcements to be continued, appointments to be made with the Governor, chairs to be carried to the field, platform steps to be fixed and a bamboo backdrop to be erected at its back, generator fuel to be found, etc.
Just finding fuel here is very difficult. The only station in town may have it, but diesel is so expensive it’s almost $300 just to fill the gas tank of our land cruiser!! (We were able to find enough to “push” us around town for another day or two). The only other available fuel is sold in big plastic containers along the road side, “smuggled” in from northern Sudan and possibly mixed with other fluids (kerosene, water, petro, etc).

Soldiers everywhere, due to recent bombings.

Also there has been violence along the border. Aweil bears the brunt of the hostility (bombings and gunfire) raised by the current border disputes between Khartoum and South Sudan. Although the fifteen-mile border resolution was decided by both the northern and southern Presidents, the people are not pleased. The disputed area includes oil land, potential farm land, and the villages of the people. Aweil is so close to the northern border of South Sudan, that the border agreement even cuts through part of Aweil city, leaving it in a “no man’s land” zone.

Just this last December, there was another bombing in Aweil by northern Sudan. The only way to bring about a cease-fire was through the re-assignment of South Sudanese troops to perform high-security patrol along the former border lines of the northern boundary. These troops must remain until both presidents can “go back to the drawing table” to resolve this demarcation. As a result, the President of South Sudan will be “passing through” Aweil later this week on his way to the border, to continue to try and address/resolve border issues.

Although fighting has gone on along the borders, God promises in Isa. 9, “There will be no end to the increase of HIS government and of HIS peace – when the government is upon HIS shoulders.” HE is the “Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, and our Everlasting Father” over Aweil. Let Freedom ring now in the spirit as it is in the natural!!


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