Aweil Crusade Report: Thursday, January 31

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Aweil Crusade Report: Thursday, January 31

Village of the Secretary General

Thursday Morning

This morning Garang, the Secretary General of the State, invited our team to drive to his village in Aweil East – about 45 min away – to pray over deep witchcraft that was taking place in that area. He fueled our vehicle for us and sent word ahead to his family and relatives that he was bringing a team for prayer. All the relatives in the area gathered, as well as many neighbors within his village.

Going to the Secretary General’s House

Garang testified that within one month there had been three deaths, sicknesses within his family, a house that had burned down, and a few other tragedies in his village. He knew that some relatives who were returning home from Khartoum were bringing witchcraft practices back with them, and he was very aware of their connection to the events occurring in his village. As a God-fearing man, he was calling out for help, and we responded with readiness.

Secretary General standing with one of the witchdoctors in his village.

Our team prayed over both the family clan (quite a large one) and the village members. Many received Jesus as Savior. Witchcraft practices were renounced, occult items were brought and burned openly, the ground and whole village area was dedicated to the Lord Jesus, and instruction was given for opening a church in that very village. Garang would help to identify a capable young man from the town or surrounding area, who could teach the Word and begin a church right away in one of the homes.

Elders in the Secretary General’s Village, whom we also prayed over to receive Jesus!

Burning of Witchcraft Items

We had witnessed again that morning the same story as Paul did in Acts 19: 17-19.  In verse 18 says, “Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed their evil deeds.”

The witchdoctor kneeling to get his dreadlocks cut off- a sign of witchcraft in Africa

Haircut Happening

Same man lifting his hands to receive Jesus as His Savior!

We even preached the Gospel to the village children, laying hands on them to bless them. Some of these will grow to be preachers and lovers of God now!!!

Children in the Village

All the children have been so traumatized – they rarely smile. Most are covered with soot and dirt from village life.

These children have no opportunity to experience the joy of childhood.

But, Jesus loves them sooooooooo much!!!!!  They are His precious kids!

His Precious Kids

Thursday Evening

The deliverance that began in the morning continued at the crusade meeting that night! An estimated 700,000 people were there worshipping – hungry and desperate, having walked for hours just to hear the preaching of the Word.

People hungry for the Word of God.

The Crowd of People BEHIND the Platform Surrounding Our Car

Preaching the Gospel

That evening at the crusade, people began bringing their witchcraft articles and throwing them up on the platform to be collected and burned openly. As they were renouncing these occult practices, a spirit of salvation was poured out heavily in the meeting. These items were collected throughout the preaching and prayer time, put in a large drum, and would be burned openly during the meeting the next night.

Witchcraft items being thrown on the platform by the crowds. It took over 30 minutes!

One man testified that he was working with a Catholic priest in a nearby mission. He had been amazed to see the wind of God blow the night before and was so curious as to how such a thing could happen. Because of it, he decided to find a believer to go with him and pray over his family to receive Jesus in each of their lives. He wanted the same presence of Jesus at home that He had seen on the crusade field.

One lady who was set free is testifying!!

A certain woman also testified this night, that she had lost all hope in her marriage. She said her husband smokes, drinks and mistreats her, and her children are all doing the same thing. One of her children was even mad. She stated that she had no peace in her life. Now she testified that on the previous night as she received Jesus into her heart, her peace had been restored, and she began laughing with joy. She said that now she had someone who loved her and who was coming into her home to save and heal her family, just as He had saved her.


That evening another lady, who had been carried in a wheelbarrow directly from the hospital, was carried up onto the platform. She had been sent home to die, but her family decided to bring her to the crusade field instead. That night after prayer, she got up and  walked off the platform! Every healing and every testimony, every salvation and every deliverance brought loud praise and wild screams, as thousands upon thousands rejoiced with others in such radical touches from God.

Multitudes were carried up on platform for deliverance, such as this bound lady.

So many people have received their eyesight and others that were crippled have walked. Deaf and dumb are healed, many lunatics have been touched by God, and are now clothed and in their right minds coming to the meetings. Only God! Only God! To Him be all the Glory!!!

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