Aweil Crusade Report: Wednesday, January 30

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Aweil Crusade Report: Wednesday, January 30

Wednesday, January 30:
Wednesday evening, people could be seen pouring by the thousands down the roads of town towards the crusade field. Some were being carried in wheelbarrows, the blind were being led by a stick (a child carries one end of the stick, leading the blind person who holds the other end). Others, crippled, would “scoot”themselves on their bottoms, or walk on their knees – starting early to reach the field.

Praise and Worship Team

Each day, the praise team began lively singing and dancing up on the platform at about 4 pm. The heat was still intense at over 100˚, and the sun blazed down on the packed crowds who had no shade. But none of that seemed to bother anyone. Sweat poured down their faces, but they were all turned heavenward with great expectancy to hear the messages of hope and truth, that others had told them about. They came with faith far exceeding what you and I can even imagine. As God’s Word of immense love and sacrifice was shared that night and the story of the woman with the issue of blood was told, we looked out over a sea of desperate people – as hungry to touch God as that little lady was in the Bible.

As we began to worship the Lord again after the Word preached, we heard shouts and screams coming from one area of the crowd. A folded wheelchair was being passed toward the platform over the heads of the people, and the lady, who had been occupying it for months, was climbing up the platform stairs behind us.

The wheelchair being passed over the heads of the people as they shrieked with joy.

The lady who had owned the wheelchair standing in between the men and testifying of her healing!

Her faith alone, born from the preaching of God’s Word (Rom. 10:17- faith comes by hearing), had caused her to stand upright out of her chair, press through the crowds, and walk up to the platform to give glory to God!

There was no way to move in or out of the masses of squeezed bodies that covered the field almost as far back as could be seen from our little platform. But, as we prayed for the healing power of God to begin “blowing” over the masses, a cool breeze, right in the middle of stifling heat, began blowing over the crowds. A hush fell upon the masses, as we worshiped quietly. There was a holiness there, an awesome presence of God, that was tangible. It was as if Jesus Himself was breathing across the people, and His breath became a “healing wind.” The whole atmosphere changed, and the temperature dropped. You could feel it. It even remained lower the rest of the week, cooling the whole town.

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The Government officials and Ministers who were with us on the platform felt the wind and saw the temperature lower (for the rest of the crusade!) and testified with amazement of God’s tangible presence! As the breeze of God continued to blow that night, the sick were carried up to the platform and laid on its floor. We simply continued to worship. Many of them would start moving on their own, and would eventually get up and begin to walk. Those healed or touched by God would stand and testify or would quietly walk down the platform stairs, returning to their families waiting in the crowd. Multitudes, whom we never saw and whose stories we never heard personally, were touched by the hand of God. One day in heaven, we will hear about them all!! As the healing wind swept over the thousands in the crowds that night, so many gave their lives to the Lord Jesus, and hundreds were healed, although we had no way to reach them to lay hands on them. You could hear the name of Jesus being called out by hundreds, as hearts and lives yielded to the wooing of the Holy Spirit and the breath of God upon them. Their testimonies and stories were “noised abroad” throughout the town the next day, and the testimony of the saving and healing power of Jesus and His immense love for them spread like a fire!

Preaching Wednesday Night

Preaching Wednesday Night

Strongholds of darkness, too numerous to count, were broken by the presence of God, night after night. Being close to the border of Sudan, the state of Northern Bahr El Gazal has had such a high rate of war, killing, and bloodshed. The border line and oil drilling issues, as well as dark Islamic strongholds in this area, cause a very high rate of bloodshed. Madness, insanity and demonic possession were rampant in this area as well as bitterness, anger, hatred, and revenge. Guilt, shame, and blame haunted so many lives, and people lived with fear, torment, and nightmares. They would say, it was as if the blood of the slain cried out to them from the ground, just as the blood of Abel cried out from the ground in Genesis and came to the ears of God.

God had heard their cries! And during these days, we watched cleansing and healing begin coming to the hearts and the land in a powerful way. As the precious blood of Jesus – the final sacrifice for all sin – was taught, understood, and received, every life that turned to Him was washed in His precious blood, made clean, and given a new beginning! No other grace! No other name, except for Jesus!!!

A madman who had been chained up for years with iron cuffs around his ankles and chains and ropes tying his hands was brought to the platform, and totally delivered and set free!! The irons were cut and his hair cut off and he received Jesus and returned home free – spiritually and physically!

One boy named Deng was brought to the platform mad, demon-possessed, and chained hand and foot. Deng had spent six months near death in the hospital, and when he was finally released, he was totally insane. As we prayed, he was totally set free and restored to his right mind. His chains were cut off, spiritually and physically, and he stretched and jumped for joy!

We gave Deng the name “David”- like that of a king – in addition to his own name. Deng’s parents testified the next night, and their son, now in his right mind, was with them as they sat amongst the pastors on the platform. Deng’s father testified, “God is near, and I have great joy!! Go to God! He will leave no one behind!! This God has changed my son, and saved him! And I thank Him very much! I came from very far away to bring my son here, but my God is near, and has given me my son back!! I didn’t sleep at all last night – I was so excited that my son was really alive! I reached over, too, to touch him and was filled with such joy. He was sleeping peacefully and in a sound mind for the first time in so many months. God is near to us!”



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