Aweil Crusade Report: Tuesday, January 29

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Aweil Crusade Report: Tuesday, January 29

Ostriches in the compound of the Governor

Tuesday, January 29:

Two other team members and I went to the Governor’s office Tuesday morning to share the Word and pray with him. He was a Catholic man, but was open to the stories and testimonies of what God had done the night before. We prayed with him over the town of Aweil and over his weighty decisions in areas of national stability. He was so grateful and invited us to join him for supper in his home that evening.

Also on Tuesday (and each day of the week), one of our ministry teams conducted Pastor’s and Church leaders’ training. 50 to 100 pastors and potential church leaders gathered each morning for Bible training, prayer, teaching, questions and answer sessions, encouragement, and impartation. It was a powerful time, and by the end of the week, pastor after pastor testified to the strength, wisdom, counsel, and encouragement they had received from this training.

That evening, while the gospel message was preached in the massive open field, three of us slipped away to meet the Governor in his home. Relationship building on this level is critical for doors to remain open for the Gospel throughout the nation. Within his own state, each of the ten Governors of South Sudan is held in as much honor and authority as a President would be.

It was an honor to have been invited. We listened to his heart about challenges for peace, border issues, tribal struggles within the nation, and many other burdens that he carried. We were able to pray with him again, as we encouraged him to lean on the wisdom and ways of God in all his decision making.

That night on the crusade grounds, the Word went forth again with power and anointing!

Tuesday Night Crowds

Madmen (and women), one after another, were brought to the stage and prayed over. Their bonds were cut off and they knelt down, received Jesus as their Savior, and received a haircut! All at the same time. Dreadlocks usually covered the heads of the bound, lunatic people. Since no one was able to cut their hair, it stayed matted, filthy, and often full of bugs or feces. Dreadlocks are also a sign in the villages of witchcraft and occult practices. So as each of these precious people received Jesus, were freed, and were restored to their right minds, they gladly allowed their heads to be shaved to get clean again after so many years and to remove any traces of occult connections!

One young boy who had been mad for four months was brought to the stage bound hand and foot. This is the only thing the family or villagers know to do, when they see someone begin to act crazed. We asked his mother what had happened to him, and she said he had become wild and had started running away from home. He had begun hurting himself and others and damaging property. He had been chained and locked in the village for the past four months. As we prayed, the chains were cut, and he was restored to his right mind and totally set free.

Praying for a crippled man.

Personally, we have never seen so many crazed, demon-possessed, and deeply traumatized people in one place at one time. Each one, when they started crying out in the crowds, were brought up, prayer for, and delivered instantly. Then they would run away happy, especially young girls

A lady being prayed for on Tuesday evening. She began walking!


The same lady, now healed and testifying!

Night after night, there were many, many older people who received their sight. Their eyes would open completely for the first time in years, and they would begin dancing,  clapping, and running up to testify and to glorify God for what He had just done in their lives.

One lady, who had been blind for four years, came to the platform to testify that God had just opened her eyes. As we prayed for healing for the masses, she began running and shouting that she was healed! She was healed, and could now see! Her husband was asked to join her on the platform to confirm her story. He came up rejoicing in his wife’s healing.

For more details about this man's story, click here.

As he was talking, a gun fell out of his pocket and dropped onto the platform floor. He acknowledged that he carried it for protection, as most men do who have grown up in the area. Most of them have been a part of the guerilla SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) at one time or another. These are ordinary men, farmers, and cattle ranchers, who fought valiantly for over 20 years for their national freedom. They still feel ‘ready to defend their country’, should the need arise, and they have kept guns and weapons for their own defense as well as in readiness for war. The government of South Sudan is working diligently in re-training soldiers from guerilla war into an organized army.
He gave his life to the Lord Jesus and was so thankful for what God had done for her, that he offered to give the ministry two cows! That is a huge gift for cattle ranchers in South Sudan. Their cows symbolize their wealth: the more cows one owns, the greater the prestige they have. But, he was determined to give the gift, and we received it openly for the glory of God’s work on the ground in Aweil.

Later that week, one cow was butchered by our team and fed over 100 people at the Government and Leadership Breakfast we hosted on Saturday. The other cow fed our whole team on the trip home. They rejoiced over such a meal (meat!!)

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