Aweil Crusade Report: Sunday, February 3

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Aweil Crusade Report: Sunday, February 3

Sunday Morning

This morning we divided our team again and dispersed through town to the few grass-hut churches that are scattered around Aweil. In each place, our team preached with power and boldness. God moved with great salvation, confirming His Word with healing and miracles again and again. God moves anywhere, anytime, and through the humblest vessel who will only believe!

One of the largest churches in Aweil, holding about 100 people packed together. We preached about a four hour service!! They are desperately hungry for the Gospel!!

We had met with the pastors in town during our week in Aweil and challenged them to intense discipleship and follow-up for the people – a number impossible to count in the pressing crowd – who had made decisions for Christ. As we prepared to pack up and leave the next day, we sat with them one by one again, praying and encouraging them. These are the heroes of faith – names you may never know on earth that will be written along heaven’s walls of fame. These are the heroes who, in the face of danger and assault of every kind, have stood during war, fought strongholds of darkness alone, buried family and friends day after day, and continued believing there was a God who loved them.

One of the pastors in front of one of the churches we preached at Sunday.

We will be sending them Bibles from Juba, and when they heard this news, they laughed and rejoiced greatly! There are New Testaments already translated in a Dinka language (Dinka Rek), which is similar to theirs (Dinka-Malul). This translation is close enough to be used readily. They will also use English Bibles as they begin to learn it in the towns around South Sudan.

I will be coordinating with the Bible Society in Juba to transport these Dinka New Testaments back to Aweil and distribute them to the pastors, churches, and new believers. I will also be working to find the closest language to Dinka that can be put on the solar “God’s Story” players. These players tell one Bible story after another from Genesis to Revelation about the love and power of the living God, highlighting the message of salvation!! These little Gospel players will be powered with all the sunlight South Sudan has (and boy is there plenty of it!!) to play the messages of love, faith and truth throughout the Bible over and over again. All the children, women, and men born during the war, who were never able to receive an education or learn to rad (and this is most of the population–about 95%), will then be able to hear the Word in their own language. Pray for more and more languages to get translated for these precious people quickly!! We want to help facilitate this any way we can as we work with the founders of “God’s Story.”

Sunday Evening

Tonight was the last night of the crusade. Again, the crowds were huge at an estimated 800,000 plus. We are not very good at counting that many people – especially the tall, thin, Dinka people who packed together over every square meter of this massive field! We have learned to roughly estimate the number of people with metered calculations. We also have numbers quoted to us by the government people in attendance, but still they are just that: estimations.

The crowds filled the field, and as they pressed in to hear the message of salvation and love from the only true and living God, their faith was not shorthanded! They gladly received the Word of truth, the God of love, and this Redeemer of peace and healing whom we preached with passion. Multitudes accepted Him and were set free emotionally, spiritually, physically from diseases, sickness, fear, torment, and oppression.

South Sudan has seen over 55 long years of guerrilla warfare. So many remain extremely traumatized and wounded emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Only the love and power of God can bring about the massive dimension of healing and transformation required for binding up the brokenhearted and restoring a “sound mind” once again to war-torn lives and families.

Children standing in front of one of their “typical dwellings.”

And that is just what He is doing in Aweil and throughout South Sudan. But the needs are still huge. They are massive!! There are almost no schools and absolutely no medical help in the villages. Poverty is still rampant as people struggle for survival. They farm by hand with rudimentary tools – still learning the value of two oxen and a plow to help boost farming and agriculture.

Dwelling places in Aweil of displaced people who were forced out of northern Sudan. During the rainy season, it FLOODS severely!! Lots of snakes and water. Mud huts are destroyed in the rain, but most people live in these temporary bamboo woven dwellings where they can survive the extreme rains and heat!

Danger lurks around every corner, as cattle raiders and bandits roam the jungles, bushes, and roadways. Trauma and fear cloud the eyes of most villagers and the nomadic warriors. Year after year, they have lived lives of fighting, surviving on almost nothing, hiding while on the move from one grazing area to another, ready at any moment to defend themselves and their cattle with violence and revenge.

War made life cheap, with casualties too numerous to count. But, as Jesus moves into these areas, the people are realizing their value, their self-worth, and how much they are truly loved. This is the beginning of healing: healing of the heart and of the land. Pray with us that God hasten this work, make it deep, and continue to complete what we have seen Him begin here.

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