Aweil Crusade Report: Saturday, February 2

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Aweil Crusade Report: Saturday, February 2

Government breakfast. There were also pastors and church leaders. Over 100 people in attendance!

Saturday Morning
This morning we held our Government and Leadership Breakfast. Our team had slaughtered one of the bulls we received from the man whose wife was healed of blindness. The team had roasted the meat well and prepared the liver in another dish – as a delicacy for the Ministers of honor who would be attending.

The room was full with over 100 government and city leaders, pastors, and directors of organizations in attendance. Pastor Ray shared about the heart of the Father and the healing of the Father to the sons and the sons to the father.

Teaching during the Government Breakfast.

We boldly shared God’s truth about what it takes to see true heart transformation that will bring national transformation. We talked about integrity and walking with uprightness in the midst of perverseness. We talked about embracing change and development with creativity and hard work. He expounded on leadership qualities such as honesty, accountability, and time management, which are necessary to change each level of society.

At the end of this training, the government ministers applauded for such inspiration and information being brought to Aweil: a message greater than they ever had an opportunity to hear before in their own city. They expressed deep gratitude and a determined commitment to apply what they had received that morning. All were prayed over, and they more than enjoyed the feast of meat set before them!

The Government leaders testified that God had really come to Aweil this week and was now here to stay! People could walk the roads at night peacefully without fear. The presence of Jesus in the nightly meetings was now bringing peace to the whole region. People everywhere were saying that they have never in the whole land seen such a gathering of people. What a testimony! All the glory was given to Jesus, again and again!!


Saturday Evening

That evening, the crusade field was packed with masses of people in front of us and behind us! Thousands had come to hear the Word of God, and receive Jesus, and a touch from Him. Our ministry team worshipped before the preaching of the Word, when suddenly, we heard open gunfire coming from the crowd.

The enemy was so threatened by what God had already done this week in the people and the Government, that he was not going to sit by quietly without making any noise. But, thank God, noise was all he made! Gunshots rang out numerous times right amidst the crowd. At the all-too-familiar sound, people began to scatter in fear, running wildly in every direction not knowing where the shots were coming from, nor where they were aimed. The government leaders sitting on our platform began getting up quickly in fear to jump off the platform and reach the ground as soon as possible.

Our ministry team of faithful Acholi young people from our home church in Gulu had been through war long enough themselves. They were unmoved by fear and continued to worship as the gun shots were fired. We asked for all the crowd to be still and stop running and called on Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to come in power and take over the whole ground. That’s exactly what Jesus did. He loves to move on behalf of the faith of His children.

As the gun shots continued sporadically and police sirens approached, we continued praying steadily, never moving or flinching. The whole team followed suit. We worshiped and prayed, and as the Prince of Peace inhabited our praise with power, the firing died down, the crowds stopped moving and gathered together again, and we continued right on with our meeting.

We found out later that the gunshots came from looting thieves who were running through the crowds. No one was injured – what a miracle!! Truly the hand of God was present as He always is!

God moved in might and power again that night. Hundreds were healed on the platform, throughout the crowds, and even in the multitudes pressing in from behind us. It took help from nightly security just to control the desperate people and prevent anyone from being crushed or stepped on. But, the testimonies and the reports of healing from the previous nights were amazing! People were lined up to give testimony and praise to the powerful King of Glory, who was now inhabiting Aweil.

Joy, dancing, praise, excitement, and more and more salvations rewarded the high levels of faith and expectancy night after night. God is at work here, and no power in the heavens, on earth, or under the earth can ever stop Him!! He is after His people: the treasures of darkness that He is delivering, (Isa. 45:3) and the bride that He alone has bled for! (Rom. 9:25-26)

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