Aweil Crusade Preparation: On the Road

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Aweil Crusade Preparation: On the Road

A Truck Like Ours

On the Road

Our boys piled high on top of the loaded equipment in the back of the truck and headed out on a rough, rugged, and deeply pitted road. The truck tipped from one side to another as it wove in an attempt to avoid deep potholes (only partly successfully) at about 20 km/ hour.

The blazing sun burned hot over the Sudan dessert, at over 105˚, and the dry, dirt roads created thick, swirling clouds of dust surrounding our sweaty team, who were holding on to the top bars of the piled high lorry. The sun beat down and the dust clung to them for 3 long days as we drove northwestern through the South Sudan plains.

Security reports continued to come from Rumbek that the Dinka tribes were still fighting and killing one another, so we decided not to drive after dark and stopped in Yirol for the night. The only place we found to sleep was the Catholic Diocese, who welcomed us in warmly. Part of our team slept at the “Fathers’ quarters” and the other part, at the “Sisters’ home.”

Early in the morning on Wednesday, we headed for Rumbek. The word was that fighting was “under control,” and if we traveled during the morning hours, we should be alright.

In Rumbek

We proceeded to Rumbek, and upon arriving there, found that the Governor of Rumbek had just been removed by the President. This was the Governor who had asked us to pray for him during our last crusade there in July, 2013, but he had not fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus, as we later found out. He had continued to hold to practices of deep witchcraft and the occult.

Although the Governor was not in his office, our dear friend the Minister of Development, Daniel Choli, was there. We had prayed for him and met in his home during our July crusade. He is a dear born-again brother, serving God with sincerity and humility in his office in Rumbek.

As we entered Daniel’s office he said,“You were just on my heart two days ago, and I was wishing I still had your number. I had misplaced it, but was so longing to see your face again, and ask you for prayer for this fighting around Rumbek, and which also entered into the town itself, killing so many people. And now you have come! Thank God, he has brought you again to pray.”

We prayed with Daniel, and covered the state, as well as his life and his appointment by God in that place, with the precious blood of Jesus. He is a man of peace and complete faith, whom God has positioned there for “such a time as this”to bring peace and reconciliation in his state. He shared with us about the speech and challenge to his people he had given just the day before on the power of forgiveness.

How he cherished our prayers. We embraced, and thanked God again for such a divine appointment. He had brought us safely through “troubled waters” to be a blessing to others.

Back on the Road

Even now as I write, we are rocking and rolling over deep potholes, with dust flying, as we creep along at 10 km/hour. We are following behind our truck, piled so high that it leans heavily to one side and then another as we crawl through one deep ravine after another on what is called a “road” here.

Our boys are sitting between the bars way up on top of the truck, as high up as the top of an 18 wheeler, rocking back and forth, leaning into the“sways”caused by the pitted road, baking in the blazing sun, but knowing they are on a “mission” sent by God. They are eager to take His love to hurting people.

Four soldiers – guns in hand – sit on top of the truck with them watching every direction, while myriads of unseen angels surround our little caravan, as we creep slowly down the road hour after hour.

We’re moving at 5-10 Km/hour with stops at every roadblock. Each time, we pile out with our papers to prove that we are not here to sell goods, but to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. After much negotiation, we are allowed to continue further. As we drive, prayer and worship fills our little vehicle.

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