2013 Thank You Letter

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2013 Thank You Letter

Dear Faithful Friends,

“For as the rain comes down from heaven, and does not return back, but waters the earth, and makes it bring forth and bud, so that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater; So will my Word be, that goes forward from my mouth, it will not return back to me void or empty, but it will accomplish that which I please, and it WILL prosper in the things I sent it to do.” (Isa. 55:10,11)

God’s Word, God’s will, and God’s gifts never return empty. As we have planted, given, and sown, so also shall we receive!! (Luke 6:38)

There is much that we are grateful for at Favor, as we come to a close of 2013 and look forward to a new year. Because of your faithfulness, God has richly provided for the transformation of thousands of lives.

Here are just a few of the areas in which we have seen God’s provision and fruitfulness, increase, and expansion of His Kingdom:



House of Hope Child Development

Developing leaders – 3 of our children won honors

Church Planting, Training, and Follow Up

Partnering with 350 Leaders in Juba. Over 15 new churches planted, more on the way.

Church Roofing Projects

Partnering – Finished one in Gulu, one is going up outside of Juba

Evangelistic Crusades

Aweil, South Sudan crusade – over 800,000 people

Discipleship Training

Staff Training – Leadership Development – Discipling the team to disciple others spiritually – 15. Teachers and Children – Ongoing

Favor Primary School

Remains one of the top in the District both academically and spiritually

House of Prayer- Military and Prison

Daily – Ministering to the community. Weekly – Military and prison ministry.

Outreaches – Bible distribution and discipleship

Bibles and Resource Material Distributed

Print – Karamajong, Swahili, Acholi, English. Audio – Juba Arabic, Dinka, Acholi

Radio Ministry – Station is on the air!!!

Training radio team/ Will be reaching over 4 million with academics, business, health, spiritual teaching, prayer, & worship programming

Mobile Medical Clinic & Evangelistic Outreach

Partnered in ministry to three unreached villages in South Sudan.

Terekeka – Following up

2020 Vision for S. Sudan

S. Sudan Pastor’s Mobilization for 1st 50 pastors vision to see 1,000 churches planted in  5 yrs

Self Sustaining projects

Farming, cows, and chicken projects generate income for ministry and feed our children

Children’s Village Construction

Septic completed, another house finished, fencing done

Stop Tears Africa- South East Uganda

“Partner project” – Scholastic materials for 120 children and food for 40 elderly

Truth and Life Ministries, Juba, S. Sudan

Partnering with pastors in rural leadership development and church planting



Looking Ahead to 2014…

  • Crusades in Yambio and two more – in South Sudan, with follow-up discipleship
  • Finish the Buildings of the Children’s Village and Build Primary School
  • Favor Primary School Growing in Number, Quality, Spiritual Impact, and Transformation of Lives
  • 2020 Vision for South Sudan – Discipleship and Church Planting- 1,000 churches over the next 5 years
  • Church Building and Roofing Projects- Partnering with numerous ministries in structures and wells
  • Military and Prison Outreaches Expanding- Leadership Development/ Bibles and Resources
  • Radio Expansion- to 24 hours a day, with Increased Biblical training, Health, Education, Family, etc.
  • Bibles Distributed, Discipleship material, Audio Bibles- more languages translated
  • Portable Bible Schools- Karamajong, Northern Uganda, and expanding into South Sudan
  • House of Prayer in the Community- Increasing in Impact- Police, Government Leaders’ services, etc.

We are eternally grateful for you, our faithful partners that have stood by us and strengthened our arms, both through your prayers and your financial support. YOU, through the love of Jesus, have made the difference in so many lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

There is so much more still to do! So many more souls to be won! So much more to invest in for eternity… into the only things that will last forever: the souls of men and the Word of God!!  So many more ways to lay up our treasures in heaven and set our affection on things above!


We are praying for:

$20,000 to clear the financial needs for this last year

Our indigenous missionaries are serving on staff at Favor of God. They are sold-out and fruitful in the Lord’s fields of harvest. The greatest asset and most valuable treasure in the Kingdom building are God’s faithful leaders. These are our trained school teachers, children’s workers, Bible teachers, drivers, office help and accountants, evangelists, medical workers, cooks, guards, prison workers, pastors, prayer warriors, and church planters, farmers, and so many others.

We are believing God for:

200 partners that will stand with us for $100 a month this coming year

Prayerfully consider being a part of this growing army to reach souls, nations, and governments for the Kingdom of God. This is a gift that “keeps on giving,” as it multiplies into thousands of lives that are being transformed into fruitful disciples for the Kingdom of God. It is these monthly commitments that allow us to plan our outreaches, support the missionaries, plant churches, reach out into other nations, and continue ministry projects of all kinds.


Thousands of people have been brought into the Kingdom of God, loved, taught, trained, and discipled through your outstretched hands. Communities still need changing, lives are still waiting to be drawn to Jesus, and nations are still hungry for the Gospel.

You are a vital part of the Favor Team!

May God give you a wonderful Christmas season with your family and friends.

Lean hard on the Beloved!


With much love,

Carole and the Favor Family

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