Villages Delivered From Nodding Disease

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Villages Delivered From Nodding Disease

Many continue to call on us at the House of Prayer to come and “Please help us” – there is no other place to turn.

We loaded up a prayer team again in October and travelled deep into bush areas to pray for these families in the heavily affected areas.

We would arrive in a village and find crowds of affected children and families sitting under mango trees waiting expectantly, and even desperately, for us to come.

As we began praying, we would see children delivered, and some healed. Others regained strength in Lacet-Ocet trading Center, and they began football again.

One physician in the village clinic said, “Others have come with drugs, and others to study our disease, but no one has come to pray, until you came. Thank you.”

We headed one day to Angagura- where a great Nodding Disease break-out was taking place. As we prayed over children and families, we broke the curses in the land, and shared the message of salvation with them. Most everyone in the crowd gave their lives to Jesus.

Then we taught parents how to pray over their families, and how to read and study the Bible together. We distributed cases of Bibles to eager hearts, and as they received them, they quickly sat on the grass and began reading the scriptures to one another.

The reports have come back that the disease has decreased, and the people are hungry for more of God’s Word, a greater amount of teaching and more training on how to walk in truth.

The last place we stopped at on our 5 day journey northward was a village called Palabek, where the Nodding disease had again attack a huge number of children. The families were sitting on mats under the trees, waiting for us to arrive, as our team pulled up in the car.

Again, we prayed, and God broke the curse of this attack on these precious children. Again, they all gave their lives to Jesus, and again we left Bibles and taught them how to pray, study the Word of God together, and stay free from the enemys attacks

The power of God’s Word present with the people, in their hands and in their hearts will continue to bring light and healing, even after we’ve left.

We give Jesus the glory for the power and authority He gave us because of His sacrifice on the cross. We are sent out as His ambassadors, victorious, and bold, and to proclaim His name, as we see Him confirm His Word with signs and wonders following, just as He promised to do.

To Jesus, alone, be all the glory, and honor, power, and dominion, forever and ever! Amen!

Daily, we are seeing, “The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He is reigning forever and ever!” (Par. Rev. 11:15)

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