Kony’s Strongholds of Darkness Kept Out of Northern Uganda!

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Kony’s Strongholds of Darkness Kept Out of Northern Uganda!

“These who have turned the world upside down have come here, too!” Acts 17:6

These were the words that followed us after our first meetings in South Sudan in 2010. They followed us from Torit to Juba, Juba to Rumbek, Rumbek to Wau, and then all the way back to Gulu again!!

Can it really be true, that God can use faithful and obedient visionaries to again “turn the world upside down” as Paul and the disciples did in city after city throughout the book of Acts?

Yes! We are witnesses of this reality daily. Evangelism and discipleship in Uganda have escalated. Teams travel two by two all over the town, just as in the New Testament, preaching the love of Jesus Christ, His healing, and His power as they go.

“And he stood between the dead and the living and the plague was stayed” (Numb. 16:48).
As we daily stand between the living and the dead, interceding for the lost, and declaring the power of the living God with boldness and authority, we are seeing light prevailing over darkness.

The LRA’s 20-year war in the north was not carried out by just a man, but by a man empowered by the strongholds of darkness prevalent in this area. The enemy’s plan has been to reconvene the witches in northern Uganda and to rebuild the strongholds that once prevailed. Kony’s uncle is currently grooming witches to follow in Kony’s footsteps.

One of our teams went to the hut of a witch known throughout northern Uganda. Hundreds of clientele (Acts 19) bring her money, animals, and various articles in exchange for her services. This head witch and her group of about 100 in number were planning to open up a traditional center within Gulu for their occult practices.

Not knowing the plan of the enemy, our team entered this head witch’s hut one day for evangelism. As they shared the Gospel with her, she was flustered and disturbed, and turned violent. The team was beaten and thrown out of her home, as she declared that the God they served would never enter her hut again.

Over the next two days, this woman realized that the powers of darkness, which had equipped her, had completely lifted. This void left her with no service, customers, or business (Acts 16:16-22). So she stated, just as we see in Acts, “…These men… do exceedingly trouble our city…” (Acts 16:20).

The testimony of God’s power spread throughout the town once again, and many more believed in Him! Numbers are being added to the church daily, as the Gospel is preached with joy, and these new converts are now being discipled to reach others.

A chief witchdoctor came for a crusade and gave his life to Christ (photo taken 6/27/12)

A chief witchdoctor came for a crusade and gave his life to Christ (photo taken 6/27/12)

This wasn’t the only time we have seen God move in a witch’s life…

Several weeks before, one of the strongest witches in the city had come to the House of Prayer, given her life to the Lord, brought all her articles of witchcraft, and burned them in a huge bonfire on the church parking lot (Acts 19:18,19). Many witnessed her conversion, and they gave their lives to the Lord.

Evil cannot prevail where light and truth reside.

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