Deliverance For Two Schools Deep In The Bush

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Deliverance For Two Schools Deep In The Bush

Laparnat School

The Favor of God prayer team was called in October to travel to Laparnat School, where we found another desperate situation.

The number of children being attacked was spreading daily, and the school board was closing the whole school down the next day. They called on us, desperate for help, and prayer. We drove 5 hours deep into the bush, following nothing more than a goat trail.

When we arrived at the school grounds, there were children with violent manifestations of demonic possession- beating the teachers, throwing stones and cursing, injuring other students and so out of control, that it took 2-3 men to hold each child down. Some were had their hands tied behind their backs with strong ropes.

As we arrived, one child, still untied, got loose and picked up a large stone, throwing it forcefully and far, in order to hit us, but it hit our car instead.

As we came upon this scene, with the tied children rolling and thrashing on the ground in the dirt, our hearts broke over the torment from the enemy over these precious lives. We began praying immediately, with a few teachers who would join us, and one child after another was completely delivered. As they were back in their right minds, one after another, they knelt on the ground with their hands raised to receive Jesus into their hearts. What a scene!

They were restored back to their families, and sent home in peace. The teachers will follow up with their discipleship, as we left Bibles for each of them.

Another school that was to be closed down the next day re-opened the following morning with peace and a new atmosphere. It was the presence of Jesus, and the whole school knew it. Teachers and even administration acknowledged that the transformation, was only the power of our Living God, and many more lives were added amongst them, as well, to the Kingdom of God that day.

Paloga School

The fourth place we stopped at the next day of our mission was Paloga, a primary school of 640 children. It was also deep in the bush in another direction.

Our vehicle followed another little goat path for several hours through hills and little lanes until we reached the area. When we arrived, we found the principal there. He was more than ready for us to pray!

They were closing the school down due to the attacks spreading wildly and violently in child after child throughout the school, with similar symptoms.

We drove onto the school grounds, and over a dozen children at a time, were rolling in the dirt, with seizures and other violent symptoms. Others were out of control, throwing things, hitting, cursing, spitting, and unrestrainable.

We went to work immediately, beside the few teachers who were already saved, praying for one child after another, until they were all set free.

Then we walked the school grounds, followed by hundreds of students, praying over the property and dedicating the land to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The teaching staff gave their lives to Jesus, as well, as we prayed with them. Then we handed out cases of Bibles to students and staff, teaching them how to study them, and walk in God’s new found freedom.

As we began sharing the salvation message with over 600 children, sitting outside under the trees, most of all them raised their hands to give their lives to Jesus.

No words could describe their gratefulness, as they saw the power of God at work in their midst. The Jesus we preached really loved them, if He died just to set them free, and save them from such darkness.

How easy it is to follow Him, when you’ve tasted of His power and freedom, and that was the testimony of hundreds that day!

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One Comment

  1. I can find no words to express how awesome it must be to witness such strength and power against evil forces. I hope that our country (America) will acknowledge how evil greed and glut can destroy lives in a way that is not as obvious but just as deadly. The children in our country are exposed daily to ‘approved of’ evil and Christians do not seem to see.

    Thank you for giving us a chance to know about our Lord and His great mercy and love for all and POWER. Pray that the people that are called by His name will see and hear and turn and grow in His ways and values.

    God bless,

    Jackie P.

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