Attacks of Darkness Target Children in Northern Uganda

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Attacks of Darkness Target Children in Northern Uganda

If we, as the church, don’t stand up and take authority over the works of darkness, declaring Jesus as Lord, and walking in the demonstration of His power and authority that He has given us, who else will?

Since the Kony LRA war has been over, children in schools all over northern Uganda have been physically and spiritually attack by “unexplainable” evil forces.

The dark plan of the enemy and his assault during this last war was always targeted on children, with a strategy to defeat and destroy this young generation. We all know that children and youth carry upon their shoulders the future leadership of their nations, as well as the spiritual calling for the further advancement of the Gospel and national transformation.

These attacks of darkness have continued assaulting children in different forms and manifestations, and we have been called on from the House of Prayer, to travel in many directions throughout the north, over the years, and pray for deliverance and healing.

Most of the time, whole schools are affected and closed down, unless God’s power through prayer brings about change.

School Boards usually first call on medical and psychological help to come and “diagnose” or “treat” what is happening in the “out of control” behavior of the children. When that fails, and the teachers are unable to teach anymore because of the absolute chaos of the situation, parents begin removing their children from school, out of fear of these “plagues” being “contagious.” As more and more children are “affected,” the school finally shuts down.

Symptoms vary from school to school, but usually begin with one child. Often the leader is a child who has a witchdoctor parent, or who has been continually “sacrificed over” to the devil for demonic possession. This child then begins to spread the satanic control and influence, throughout the other children.

Symptoms are unrestrainable violence and epileptic-like seizures and fits that take 2-3 adults to restrain each child. They may begin biting one another like dogs, stoning others with incredible strength, or wildly slashing at and hitting teachers and other students. This is coupled with other extremely bizarre and dangerous behavior. They become violently out of control, and injure themselves or others unless they’re restrained or tied with ropes, which are the measures the teachers usually resort to.

These behaviors spread quickly from one child to the next in a school environment, causing such confusion, chaos, and fear, until whole classes are closed down, and eventually the school is closed.

 Setting the captives free

We see a similar story related in the Gospels, of demonic influence over the life of a child. The seizure-like fits, foaming at the mouth, falling into the fire or water, and hurting themselves- these were all seen in the boy brought to Jesus for help. Jesus rebuked the demon, and the child was healed and set free from that moment on (Matthew 17:14-21 and Mark 9:17-29).

We, too, are called to set the captive free, and preach the Kingdom of God in fullness (Isa. 61:1-3 and Matt. 10:8).

If we, as the church, don’t stand up and take authority over the works of darkness, declaring Jesus as Lord, and walking in the demonstration of His power and authority that He has given us, who else will?

As the word has spread throughout the north, that the power of Jesus, alone, can free and deliver these children, we are called on to come and pray….again and again. And every time, God has shown Himself loving and powerful.

Children are set free immediately, and they along with their parents, teachers, and often the school administrators give their lives to Jesus. Bibles are given to the students and teachers, and they are taught how to apply the Word of God for personal transformation, and walk in continued deliverance through the Word of God.

Schools are re-opened, and the testimony of God’s love and healing spread into yet another darkened territory, bringing the transformation of His light. The name of Jesus is glorified again!

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