Monthly Focus Announcement – April

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Monthly Focus Announcement – April

Imagine coming to the end of full day, riding along the bumpy, dusty-red roads just outside Gulu.  You have been invited to House of Hope, the residence that is home to 32 children orphaned by war, by HIV/AIDS or other tragedies that sought to devastate this nation. You’re not quite sure what to expect, but you are curious as to why your hosts thought it important that you not miss this evening with the children.  As you arrive and make your way to the courtyard in the center of the dormitories you see the boys pulling out a variety of percussion instruments and the girls filing out of their dorm.  You, my friend, have been invited to share in an evening of worship that will change your life forever.  As these children, who have lived through more horror, abuse and trauma than you can imagine, begin to sing and play and worship and pray – you are transfixed and transported by their gratitude, their joy, and by their awesome reverence and respect for God. They capture your heart, and through them, God captures your heart again, and again reminds you that the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these, full of childlike trust and faith.

Did you know that Uganda has the youngest population on earth today?  Can you imagine a nation where over half of its population (52%) is age 15 or under? What a wonderful opportunity lies before us, to shape the future of a nation by investing in the lives of its children.

One author said, “No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.” 

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At Favor of God, we have experienced some of that treasure up close and personal through encounters with our children at the House of Hope, through the hundreds of children from the community that attend our Primary School, and through the thousands of children ministered to through medical clinic outreach, trauma counseling and who have attended our crusades in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. The children who live at the House of Hope look to Favor to provide everything they need, just as a parent would.  We are responsible for them 24/7/12, providing food, clothing, shoes, bedding, toiletries, school fees, medical care and all things necessary to give them a safe secure home and surroundings.  Can we do this alone?  Absolutely not!  We depend on our Heavenly Father to speak to the hearts of people, just like you, to help us – fully believing “…that every child we encounter is a divine appointment.” (Wess Stafford)

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