Meet Peter

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Meet Peter


Meet Peter Oweka. Peter was born in 2004 in Gulu district. He and his sister, Sophia, were left in the care of their auntie when their mother died of AIDS in 2005. Their father died two months later of the same disease, and they were placed under the care of an aunt. This auntie, who had been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and asthma, was unable to work and family lacked many of the basic necessities of life, often eating only one meal per day.

House of Hope learned of these children in May 2007 through a local evangelist and were welcomed into House of Hope family! Peter is now 11 years old and currently enrolled in Primary 5 class at Favor of God Primary School.

In Peter’s own words: 

I was not able to study when both of my parents died, but later I was taken up by Favor of God Ministry. They began providing me with school fees and requirements and began taking good care of me from the orphanage home. I thank God for what he is doing in my life. I had not  thought it could happen the way it is happening. My dream is to become a engineer. And, I believe in the Lord, trust in him, and seek him every day because of his greatness in me.

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