Meet Mercy

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Meet Mercy

Mercy Akello was born in 1999 in Gulu district. Her father, a peasant farmer, was killed by LRA rebels at his home in 2000.  Mercy’s had to discontinue her studies when her heart-broken mother died in 2004 leaving her with her paternal grandmother.


House of Hope found Mercy in 2007 through her elder sister who was struggling to  survive and looking for assistance for the family as their aging grandmother had gone blind and was unable to care for them.

Mercy is now 15 years old and is in Senior School at Graceland Girls College. She scored second among all her peers in her testing to join the secondary level school. Her dream is to become a journalist. She believes, trust in, and seeks the Lord diligently.




In her own words:
I have a dream of being a journalist. I thank God that I am in school, and I know that He will help me to succeed. I plan to work hard and keep my relationship strong with God. I thank God that I can continually talk to Him through prayer. 

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