Meet Irene!

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Meet Irene!

Meet Irene Anena. Irene was born in 2000 in Gulu, one of 10 children, to parents who were both teachers. The family lived well until her father died of AIDS in 2004. Her mother died of the same disease in 2006, leaving the their 10 children and two grandchildren with no caretaker able to provide for their needs.

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Irene and her siblings survived in the care of an older sister, their meals often consisting of only boiled cassava and water. When assessed by World Vision they were found to be thin and in need of basic necessities such as clothing. We were able to welcome, Irene and two of her siblings into the House of Hope family in early May 2007. All their needs were provided for and the children were able to resume their education.

Irene is now 15 years old and is now enrolled at Favor of God Primary school in Primary 7 class. She is happy and trusts in the Lord, believing in Him and seeking Him wholeheartedly because of His goodness in her life. Her dream is to become a nurse.

In Irene’s own words: 

I was brought to Favor of God when I was 6 years old, and I want to thank God for helping me pass my exams and enter the next class at school. I also thank Him for all the House of Hope children whose lives have been changed. I plan to study hard in the area of Science and pray that God gives me more wisdom, because I want to be a nurse.

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