How House of Hope First Started

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How House of Hope First Started

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We have a mandate with our children, as you do with yours. We are called to raise them in the fear of the Lord and teach them His ways. (Proverbs 22:6) For over nine years, we have been doing just that through our children’s House of Hope!

It Began With Four

Our House of Hope was begun in 2006 with four sisters. Their father died many years ago and their life with their widowed mother was full of hardship. When their mother died in 2004, the girls were ages 11 years, 9 years, 4 years and 6 months old. The older sisters kept the family together by making and selling brooms made of wild grasses. The girls spent their nights at a ministry for “night commuters,” seeking safety from the LRA rebels.

02_Night Commuters_r

In 2005, these sisters were discovered by a World Vision Children of War program worker and were referred to Favor of God Ministries, and before we ever had a building our “House of Hope” was started!

What began with four sisters grew into a children’s village that was the home of 32 children. These precious lives whom the Father has chosen as His own through adoption into His family and into ours, know they are no longer orphans. They have a Heavenly Father who loves them and is caring for them! With renewed identity and vision, these children are turning their lives around to become vibrant leaders for the next generation in Africa. Transform a life, to transform a nation. One day at a time, one life at a time…

Setting an Example

Most of our children have been with us for at least eight years. During that time, each one has grown in every way. Many of our children have earned academic honors at school and even gained government recognition, although some did not start school until they were 10 years old or more, due to the war! They are leaders in their communities and schools. Friends often refer to them as the “pastor of their class.” They are eager to pray, open with their faith, strong with their witness, and excellent in their character and leadership. Their lives exemplify 1 Timothy 4:12, as they set an example for the believers in in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity!

04_Studying diligently_Gulu 108_r

They have also begun to be a light in their extended families as we transitioned into “sponsorship” programs, according to new Ugandan laws, allowing the child to live with a relative. Our children are eager to be with their extended family members, as long as we, as their House of Hope family, remain in their lives. That, of course, is our highest aim and desire.

Investing in the Future

Each of our children has some kind of relative in the village, whom they now live with, as we continue to provide necessary education, medical help, spiritual oversight, and social supervision. We are committed to our children and continue to pray with them, love them, serve them, and visit them regularly. Our goal is to ensure their growth academically, physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually.

05_House of Hope Child Sophia's extended family in the village_013

They have been with us for eight years now, and several of them are approaching 18 years of age or more. They are healthy and strong, as we care for their physical needs. As they reach high school level, their school tuition increases, as do other needs related to sports, music, and social development. But is there any investment too small or too large to make on behalf of a nation’s future?

06_HOH children ready to race_unnamed

Our aim is not to “raise children.” We do that well with chickens. We are set on “training them up in righteousness,” seeing their identity based in truth and Godly foundations among those in their generation. These children are the future of Uganda! They are the hope for this nation. And their young and tender lives are being built on foundations of integrity, morality, work ethics, Biblical values, and servant leadership.

07_HOH chlidren at Favor FM_IMG_7716cr

Thank you for your prayers and support for these children over the years! Your impact on them and so many more future leaders is bearing fruit for generations to come.

With love from the House of Hope and Favor of God team.

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